The Girl With A Clock For A Heart by Peter Swanson Mini Review


I’ve had this book on my shelf at home for ages and finally decided to read it last month! I tend not to read reviews on books I want to read as I’m wary of spoilers so I went into this only knowing what was written on the back cover! describes the book as follows:

“Already optioned for film, The Girl with a Clock for a Heart is Peter Swanson’s electrifying tale of romantic noir, with shades of Hitchcock and reminiscent of the classic movie Body Heat. It is the story of a man swept into a vortex of irresistible passion and murder when an old love mysteriously reappears.

On an ordinary Friday evening at his favorite Boston tavern, George Foss’s comfortable, predictable life is shattered when a beautiful woman sits down at the bar, a woman who vanished without a trace twenty years ago.

Liana Dector isn’t just an ex-girlfriend, the first love George couldn’t quite forget. She’s also a dangerous enigma and quite possibly a cold-blooded killer wanted by the police. Suddenly, she’s back—and she needs George’s help. Ruthless men believe she stole some money . . . and they will do whatever it takes to get it back.

George knows Liana is trouble. But he can’t say no—he never could—so he makes a choice that will plunge him into a terrifying whirlpool of lies, secrets, betrayal, and murder from which there is no sure escape.

Bold and masterful, full of malicious foreboding and subtle surprises, The Girl with a Clock for a Heart is an addictive, nonstop thriller—an ever-tightening coil of suspense that grips you right up to its electrifying end.”

The above is a fairly accurate synopsis but I still felt a bit let down by the book while I was reading it! While there are a few twists and turns that may be deemed unexpected by some, I found that it just didn’t grab me in any way! There were a few predictable moments in it and very few genuine shockers.

Also, I found George to be a bit irritating as a character! Worse still was his behaviour in relation to this woman who has come back into his life! No questions asked, she says ‘jump’ and he says ‘how high?’ basically! I caught myself thinking more than once that he needed to man up!!!

Without giving anything away as regards how the book finishes, I was left expecting more! It’s quite an easy read but I doubt I’d be recommending to many people!

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