2015 Goodreads Challenge Books So Far…

Ok, so last year I read 70 books as part of my Goodreads challenge! This year, I only challenged myself to read 50 books! I’d love to read more but since my little girl was born in December, my reading time is way less than I would like! Here are the first ten I’ve read… 

Book 1- The Doll’s House by Louise Phillips


I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too pushed about reading this when I started it! Even less so as time went on! I went into labour while reading this πŸ˜„ and it was 3 weeks after my baby was born before I picked it up again! I really, really disliked this book! I found the characters to be very irritating, and the plot just grated on me! Maybe my concentration levels were off but I don’t think I’d be running back to read it, and I definitely wouldn’t be recommending it! 

Book 2- The Death Box by JA Kerley


I’ve read all of Kerley’s books bar the latest one! This is book 10 in the Carson Ryder series! I really enjoy these books as they are a pretty easy read! This one is no different! The books all follow the same plot structure but they are still fun to read!

Book 3- The Memory Killer by JA Kerley


Book 11 of the series! Not a bad read! It involved essentially erasing people’s memories by drugs and then mutilating and/or murdering them! There was a couple of interesting plot twists in this too! I’ll always recommend Kerley’s Carson Ryder series! 

Book 4- The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins


Ok, so the hype for this book was unreal! I’ll be honest, I haaaaaaated it!!! I found the main character ridiculously annoying! I can’t say anything about this book other than I wouldn’t recommend it and I never want to read it again! I know some people loved it but it just wasn’t for me! 

Book 5- Wool by Hugh Howey


This book was selected by Rick O’Shea for his online book club! It took me a long time to get into it! Someone in book club told me once you get to page 120 you’ll fly through it… They were not wrong! Once I got past that page, I flew through it!! I even found myself missing the characters once I had it finished it, so much so that I have purchased the next in the series, Shift! Looking forward to reading that one!

Book 6-  Watch Me by James Carol


I read Carol’s first book Broken Dolls when it came out first and loved it! It took me a while to get to read his next two offerings! I really like his Jefferson Winter character! Like Kerley, he sticks to a plot structure but it’s tried and tested! Carol is a great storyteller! 

Book 7- Prey by James Carol



This book starts with a bang and it just keeps up momentum the whole way along! I really like Carol’s style of writing and I’d highly recommend him if you haven’t read any before!! 

Book 8- Heartsick by Chelsea Cain



I had this on my wish list for aaaaaages so I finally decided to get it! I’d heard great things about it, even the author said she wouldn’t let her daughter read it! That led me to think it would be really dark and gruesome… It wasn’t! I was so disappointed! It’s not a bad story, and has a female psychopathic serial killer instead of male, but it was just ok! Wouldn’t be raving about it! 

Book 9- Daughter by Jane Shemilt


 Lots of people  were discussing this in book club so I bought it hoping for a good read! Once again I was disappointed! (I have no luck πŸ˜„) Jenny, the adult female character is ridiculously irritating! I won’t give away any spoilers, all I’ll say is the twist towards the end, is bloody rubbish! I wouldn’t be rushing to recommend it! 

Book 10- The Perfect Husband by Lisa Gardner


Meh! That’s all I can say! Married to. Killer, blah blah blah! Nothing imaginative, silly story and just completely unremarkable! Someday I’ll read a book and just think… WOW…. clearly it hasn’t happened yet this year! 😳 


One thought on “2015 Goodreads Challenge Books So Far…

  1. My challenge list for this year is small. I’ve got to try fit leisure reading in with study, not easy πŸ˜› Good selection of books (y)

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