30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 11

Favourite classic book… 

This is another of the easier posts on the blog challenge for me to write…

Don’t judge me for what I’m about to say!


I know, I know, shame on me and so on!

I know what I like to read, and period drama just isn’t it. I’m sure they’re wonderful, if you like that sort of thing, but I don’t.

Back in school, we had to study Wuthering Heights. I’ll be honest, I can’t even remember which Brontë wrote it. I’ve had to google it, apparently it’s Emily.

Now, this version looks beautiful, I can’t deny that. I will put my hand up and say I didn’t even read it in school when we were supposed to. I got bored of it very quickly, so I just used the Internet to find out what I needed to know to pass my exams. When I hear Wuthering Heights mentioned, I think Kate Bush, not Emily Brontë!

This leads me to my next question…

Am I not well read if I haven’t read Austen, Brontë(s) et al?

I have read hundreds of books. I’ve read Shakespeare, Victor Hugo, Louisa May Alcott among many contemporary authors.

Am I still not well read just because I don’t enjoy literary sagas?

I understand plenty of people love the classics. I don’t judge anyone based on the books that they read.

Reading is reading. 

10 thoughts on “30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 11

  1. And here was me eagerly looking forward to seeing what you had chosen! Of course it doesn’t matter if you haven’t read the classics. Who decides what a classic is anyway? Lots of more current books are bound to be considered classics of their time so just consider yourself ahead of your time! For the record, my favourite classic is Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen (and I love the Emma Thompson film version too).

  2. I read the Great Gatsby recently but otherwise than that i may have read a book by one of the bronte sisters when i was at school but cant say i remember, goes and hangs head in shame lol x

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