30 Day Challenge- Day 26

Book that makes you laugh out loud…

I’m not having much luck with some of these challenge posts! 😝

I don’t really read humorous books if I’m honest, so I can’t really answer this one!

I’ve gone back over my Goodreads and can’t find any books that made me laugh out loud!

So for this post, I’m going to ask all of you for recommendations for funny books instead!

Thanks 😊

10 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge- Day 26

  1. I think the last book that made me laugh was #PleaseRetweet by Emily Benet. It’s the kind of book where you recognise either yourself, or people you know on twitter and it makes you laugh to yourself.

  2. I still love “Who moved my blackberry?” by Martin Lukes & Lucy Kellaway. It’s a good few years old now, and the technology probably dates it a bit, but it’s a good laugh.

  3. Terry Pratchett made me laugh out loud. Calvin and Hobbes cartoons and Haterz by James Goss which is a dark comedy Social Media serial killer story.

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