New Years Resolutions Book Tag

I love book tags but rarely do them unless I see one I like by other bloggers I follow. How happy was I to see I was tagged by the lovely Aoife from Pretty Purple Polka Dots to do this tag!!! 😊

So, without further ado…


Get in shape: Name a book that doesn’t quite fit on your shelf correctly.


The one that springs to mind for me is the Harry Potter Film Wizardry book! It’s an odd shape, and taller than my highest of shelves. So it’s been relegated to a press for the time being. It hangs too far off a shelf and I just can’t look at that as it drives me crazy that it doesn’t sit properly on any shelf! 😂


Eat healthy: Name a book you feel was good for you to read.


Ok, so I literally just finished this book this evening. The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom. It’s a lovely book, sad and uplifting at the same time. It imparts lessons in each chapter. The one that will stay with me is the one about anger.


Read more: Name a book you keep telling yourself to read but haven’t yet.


I have tons of books on my TBR, upwards of 400, so there’s a lot on there I keep,thinking I should read. One of my more recent ones that I keep thinking I need to read when I pass by it is Make Me by Lee Child. I love the Jack Reacher series, so for me to not have read the latest by now is very strange.

Quit smoking: Name a book you kept going back to even though you had finished it.


This is an easy one for me. I don’t re-read any books so there is no book that I go back to. The only ones I ever contemplated reading again were the Harry Potter series. More recently, because I was lucky enough to win it in a competition and it was one of my top ten of 2015, For Reasons Unknown by Michael Wood. It and its main character, Matilda Darke, have stuck in my head since I finished it, which is rare.




Save more money: Name a book you got for a really good price.


These days, it’s pretty easy to get great books cheap. Thanks to Kindle and my constant charity shop trawling, I’ve gotten brilliant books for less than the price of a cappuccino. I’m amassing a collection of Jonathan Kellerman’s Alex Delaware series, and I have not paid more than €2 for any of them!



Be more organised: how do you organise your bookshelf. 


Well, I have two floor to ceiling bookcases and a dresser at the moment. One is for all the books I have read, and the other two are for all my TBR books. Within the latter, they are grouped by author and/or series, some by publisher and my ARC’s are kept together too so I can keep track. My bookshelves full of books I’ve read are in no particular order, because my daughters stuff has taken over at the moment! Packs of nappies and baby wipes everywhere 😂


Be punctual: Shortest time and longest time it took you to read a book.


Shortest time can be a few hours, if I’m left alone. I’m a fast reader so I can get through books fairly quickly without distraction. I once read a book in English class (40 mins!) and my teacher didn’t believe me. She quizzed me on the book and I answered it all correctly. I was 13 at the time I think!

Longest time was A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. It took me nigh on 5 weeks at the end of 2015 to get through it. I wasn’t enjoying at all so it was a chore. I started and finished 4 or 5 other books while still reading A Little Life.


Be unique: What was your favourite book of 2015?


I did a post on my top ten and my top series, so I’m going to pick two. The first is Nightblind by Ragnar Jónasson. It’s part of the Dark Iceland series and it’s just beautiful.

The second is one I mentioned previously, another brilliant book, and a debut! For Reasons Unknown by Michael Wood. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it happily! 😊


Be more personal: What book are you waiting for most this year?

I’ll be honest, until this week I had no idea that Chris Carter would have a new Robert Hunter book out this year! So I’m going to pick his next one and also book two in the Matilda Darke series of books by Michael Wood.


Really, resolutions?: What book do you promise to read this year?

Oh my god, how do I pick?! I promise I will make a proper effort to clear some of my TBR books. How’s that?! 😉

Who do I tag??? #Blogsquad naturally!!!

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4 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions Book Tag

  1. Love it!! I know you tagged I guess at some point I will have to give it a go! Definitely will be some similarities LOL 😉

  2. Totally identity with you at school. Y primary school teacher didn’t believe my speed of reading and used to quiz me too!

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