Right, so it’s a little over halfway through February, so I figured I’d take the time to regroup and decide what to do with my ever growing TBR.

This month, I had planned to read 26 books! You can find the full rundown of the books I had selected HERE.

Out of that list, I’ve read a grand total of five books, out of the 26.

Those are:

  • Behind Closed Doors
  • The Girl In The Ice
  • The Defence
  • Jihadi: A Love Story
  • Bone By Bone

I feel I should mention I tried to read a 6th, but it wasn’t for me so I’ve left it down.

Incidentally, I’ve read a further five books that weren’t even on my TBR at the start of February! I was lucky enough to have some ARC’s and Netgalley approvals so I bumped them.

I’ll cover the majority of these in my weekly wrap up post on Sunday (I won’t forget to do it this time! 😂) along with my review links!


My immediate TBR now has 14 paperback books still sitting in the shelf (I added and took away some books!), along with four of the Kindle ARC’s from the list, and a few others I have that I want to read.

***I also hoard DVDs! 😂***

So, with ten days to go until the month ends, I’m still sitting on 22 books that I had planned to read!

I’m basically writing this post to give myself a good kick up the a**e and get reading what I’m supposed to be reading! My being behind also hasn’t stopped me from accepting some more review requests! 😂

I’m thinking that the more I try and set myself a reading goal per month, the less likely that I am to reach it! I fully intend on rearranging my TBR bookshelves over the weekend (time allowing), as they currently look like this:

***Excuse the mess, and kids toys, it’s all over the place since Isabelle started walking as she loves to pull at my books!! And yes, that’s a Christmas Yankee House still knocking around***

At least my kindle is all neat and tidy and linear, even if not in chronological order!😁

Anyone read anything on my shelves?

Any organisational solutions?! 😂

At least I’m not ducking and diving through piles of books everywhere…

A girl can dream… 😊📖

4 thoughts on “Halfway…

  1. What about the book jar? Then you can read books that have been on your list the longest. You write the title and author on a piece of paper and put it in a jar. And just pick one out when you need help. You could even just put your old releases in it.

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