The Four Things Tag

I spotted this on Aoife’s blog Pretty Purple Polka Dots, she loves a good tag! So I decided to do my own too because it’s always fun to learn more about the people you follow! 😊

Four places I’ve lived:

Theoretically, I’ve lived in the same city since I was born so there’s nothing I can say other than Galway x 4! 😂

Four jobs I’ve had:

Deli Assistant

Sales Assistant for New Look

Office Admin for Truck Parts company

Sales rep for Car Parts company

Four things I don’t eat:



Chicken Soup

Beetroot (ate way too much as a child!😂)

Four of my favourite foods:

Fresh bread and butter

My husbands lasagne


Taylo Cheese & Onion

(See a pattern with junk food yet?! 😂)

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:


*There’s lots so narrowing it down is hard*

Avengers Assemble


Just Go With It

The Waterboy

Four TV shows I watch:


The Good Wife

Grey’s Anatomy

Location, Location, Location

The Chase

Four places I’ve visited:


The Bahamas




Four things I’m looking forward to this year:


Never thought I’d say it, but turning 30…

My kids and husbands birthdays


Hopefully making it to a blogger meet up

Four things I can’t live without:

My little family ❤️

COFFEE!!! I’m unreasonable without it

BOOKS- they are my comfort, my hobby and my solace when I need it

My friends ❤️

Four pet peeves:

Bad grammar and spelling errors (Aoife had this too 😂)

Homophobia- Love is Love ❤️

Small minded people

Being interrupted when I’m reading 😉



Four Things I Wish I Could Do:

Retrain in something I enjoy, I.e something book related 😂

Get a diagnosis for my constant pain

Travel more

A creative writing course



Four Subjects I Studied at School:



Home Economics



Four Things Near Me Right Now:
Coffee mug

My phone


Baby monitor


So, there you have it, a simple but fun tag! 😊

4 thoughts on “The Four Things Tag

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post and finding out more about you – I love how so many of your answers were book-related! I hope you get a diagnosis for your constant pain soon – you have my empathy on that one as I live in constant severe pain too. I’m tempted to join in with this tag at some point (if that’s ok).

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