Weekly Wrap Up February 21st 2016

Grrrr! I had this all typed up and then deleted it by mistake!!! 😡

How and ever, I will write it again! 😂🙈

This week, I managed to read 5 books. 3 novels and 2 short stories. This brings my total books read so far this year up to 42 books! And I’m almost finished the 43rd, but alas, that will have to wait until next week! 😉

Only The Innocent by Rachel Abbott 


This was my first Rachel Abbott book, and I read it in prep for the Kill Me Again blog tour yesterday! I will most definitely be reading all the other books, as I really enjoyed it! You can read my full review HERE.

Between You And Me by Lisa Hall


I had seen fellow bloggers raving about this book so I bumped it up the TBR! This was a very clever book! I thoroughly enjoyed it. My review can be found HERE.

You Sent Me A Letter by Lucy Dawson

Another book I’d seen popping up on Twitter. I was delighted to be able to read this book and it was fantastic! My 5⭐️ review is HERE!

February by Kerry Wilkinson

April by Kerry Wilkinson 

Both of these short stories were exactly that! I didn’t even write full reviews but they were a very good indication of Kerry Wilkinson’s writing style. I have a few of them on my TBR so it’s nice to know what  to expect when I get to them!
So, there you have it! Short and sweet! 😉
Have you read any of these? Leave a comment below 😊📖

11 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up February 21st 2016

  1. I read the beautifully written How to Be Brave by Louise Beech. Not my usual but very enjoyable! Now I’m on Jane Isaacs An Unfamiliar Murder which so far so good!! x

      1. I read Janes Before Its Too Late last year and really enjoyed it. So far this one is better!!
        Met Louise yesterday. She’s so lovely!!

  2. I have them all on my tbr or wish list lol. im going to be starting Sharon Bolton – Little Black Lies. I can’t wait for you sent me a letter.

  3. Can’t believe you’ve read so many books! Btw, you have the perfect brow! #eyebrowjealousy ! I’ve been nowhere nice, worn no make-up, a quick wash and moisturise and eye cream and I’m off. I’m going to wake up one day and Noel Gallagher will be looking back at me! It’s just too cold to go out at night!

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