I’ve hit the wall…& Weekly Wrap Up

Short and sweet wrap up tonight! πŸ˜‚

The last book I read, which I finished this night last week, was Tuesday Falling by S. Williams!


I really enjoyed Tuesday Falling, but I just found it didn’t really grab me the way I was expecting! It was still a great book though, and you can read my reviewΒ HERE!

In other news…

Today marks the 7th day that I haven’t read anything. I know people go days, weeks, months or even years without picking up a book.

Not me!!!!!

Up until this week, I’ve been reading steadily, speedily even! I’m over halfway through my Goodreads Reading Challenge with 43 books out of 75 read, and it’s still only February! Obviously something had to give. That thing?

My reading mojo! 😱

Gone! Just like that! I have no want to pick up a book, which is the strangest feeling when it’s been all I’ve done in my spare time.

More than once, I’ve been asked am I ok? What’s going on? Why aren’t you reading?! The honest answer, I don’t know! 😁

A little background…

Ive been struggling a little with health problems this past year, and this week I had yet another consultation to try and find out what’s going on.

When I had my daughter a little over a year ago, I had to go to the hospital with chest pains. I was told I had chest wall tenderness. A condition called Costochondritis which is extreme muscle inflammation in the chest and ribs. Last year I had some steroid injections into my chest and back to try alleviate the pain.

Lately, it’s manifesting itself in pain all across my chest that burns like fire and I physically cannot breathe properly or speak properly as it’s too painful when I get an attack.

As well as this, I’ve been experiencing constant pain and tenderness all over. Β My doctor expressed concern that it could be fibromyalgia so I’ve been on medication for that for almost a year.

I’ve been to doctors, rheumatologists, had X-rays and blood tests, and as of this Β week, I’m currently waiting to be called for another MRI and I had 6 steroid injections into my chest 5 days ago.

The MRI is to (hopefully) rule out arthritis (I’m 29!), however if it does come back clear, the rheumatologist has told me in all likelihood I have Fibromyalgia. If I have either of those things, that’s fine, I’ll deal with it! I just want answers at this stage! 😁

So I wonder, does the fact that all this background stuff is going on contribute to my lack of reading?!

Fun times chez Bibliophile this week 😏

What have you all been reading?! Make me jealous in the comments below πŸ˜‰

35 thoughts on “I’ve hit the wall…& Weekly Wrap Up

  1. Oh no Kate. You really are having a rough time of it. Think all the upheaval of doing your kitchen will have worn you out also. Big hugs and hope you get your answers and your reading mojo back soon. Xx

  2. Kate, I think your background sums up why you’ve lost your mojo! I’m sorry to hear you’re in pain, books are good to take our minds off things. So I do hope you get the answers you need so you can get back to your fav hobby. Oh, and I’m reading The Reaper πŸ˜‰

  3. Hi Kate, I have lost my reading mojo a couple of times in the last 2 1/2 years. Both times came when I was really stressed out–once with my Dad’s illness and once when a number of stressors hit me at once. The first time I tried to plow thru it and dnf’ed a couple of books. I went back to one of them a few months later and ended up giving it 5 stars. I will go back to the other one one of these days–Jeffrey Deaver’s The Bone Collector, one that I think I will really like if I give it another chance. Physical pain and not knowing what is going on is more than enough to kill your mojo. I bet that once you have an idea of what is going on and some of this weighty stress is allayed, you will get your mojo back. Remember, it’s not IF, it is WHEN as you WILL get it back. Don’t try to force it. And make sure, once you feel the urge to pick something up that you pick something you really really really want to read for you–not something you HAVE to read for review for someone else. More than anything, be kind to yourself. No deadlines.

    Christine XO

  4. Hugs Kate. Hope your mojo returns from its holiday. Fingers crossed the doctors decide which condition they need to treat X
    I’m currently working my way through Six Four by Hideo Yokoyama. 635 pages and I’m only 26% in!!!!!

      1. Definitely hard work but I’m getting there; the author has got my interest and attention. It’s just not a quick read both in style and length!

  5. So sorry to hear you are suffering so Much at the moment, fingers x they get to the bottom of what’s causing the pain. In the mean time rest up and I’m sure you will soon get your reading mojo back.sending you big hugs 😘😘😘😘

  6. Sorry to hear what your going tgrough.I hope.you get answers soon. I am currently reading When Alice met Danny and loving it.

  7. I am very unhappy to learn that you are in pain and struggling with not knowing fully what is wrong. Resting seems like the perfect response; you do so much! Know that I wish you a quick resolution to this and clarity as well. Take care of yourself. What am I reading? Just finished the fabulous A Slow Death by James Craig. I think Death of a Diva will have to be next.

  8. Sorry to hear this and hope you feel better soon. The upheaval probably explains your loss of reading mojo, but please stop being so harsh on yourself – every time I’ve lost my reading mojo (usually for a very good reason), I find it very soon after the moment I stop worrying about having lost it and get on with other things instead. That’s always when the books started whispering to and tempting me again…

  9. Really sorry to hear of your health problems Kate. I think that is definitely affecting your reading and hope you get some answers soon. Have you tried watching some favourite films? That might help take your mind off things. Hope things get better soon. X

  10. I’m sorry to hear that you are feeling well below par 😦 Sending you best wishes and a hug, and don’t worry about the reading mojo thing, everyone experiences it at some time, for one reason or another. I’m sure it will all come good so rest up and feel better soon xx

  11. Hi Kate, just read your blog. I hope you get answers soon via the MRI scan and can begin to get your energy levels restored and feel better.
    Best wishes

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