A Tapping at my Door by David Jackson

Every so often, a book comes along and the early reviews are absolute ravers. A Tapping at my Door is one such book. I got an email from Emily at Zaffre asking if I’d like to read it and I gratefully accepted.


About the book (via Goodreads):

A woman at home in Liverpool is disturbed by a persistent tapping at her back door. She’s disturbed to discover the culprit is a raven, and tries to shoo it away. Which is when the killer strikes.

DS Nathan Cody, still bearing the scars of an undercover mission that went horrifyingly wrong, is put on the case. But the police have no leads, except the body of the bird – and the victim’s missing eyes.

As flashbacks from his past begin to intrude, Cody realises he is battling not just a murderer, but his own inner demons too.

And then the killer strikes again, and Cody realises the threat isn’t to the people of Liverpool after all – it’s to the police.

Following the success and acclaim of the Callum Doyle novels, A Tapping at My Door is the first instalment of David Jackson’s new Nathan Cody series.

My thoughts:

Well… Where to begin?!

I have to thank Sarah at By The Letter Book Reviews for her raving about this book! I bumped it up because she was so excited by it! I was NOT disappointed!!

A Tapping at my Door starts off with a brilliantly creepy opening, and to be honest, I was a little freaked out. Birds are evil!!! Without fail they make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when they’re used in contexts like this!

David Jackson has a lovely writing style. It’s easy to follow and it flows really well throughout the book. I liked how the chapters were also relatively short, because when events pick up the pace in the book you are flipping the page like a good thing trying to keep up!

A Tapping at my Door is a really well plotted crime thriller. I’m pretty sure I also may have a small crush on DS Nathan Cody 🙂 , he’s just a brilliant character. I can see him being developed really well if this turns into a long series.

I absolutely loved this book. It’s a brilliant intro to David Jackson, as he’s already an established author with his Detective Callum Doyle series. Which, naturally, I’ve purchased more than one to add to my TBR. I can’t believe I’ve not read anything by him before now!!!

A Tapping at my Door is a superbly written crime thriller. It is full of action, with some brilliantly drawn characters thrown into the mix. I cannot recommend it highly enough and I gave it 5 stars on Goodreads. It kept me reading late into the night. It was released this week and you can purchase a copy by clicking the link below:

A Tapping at my Door by David Jackson

Happy Reading! 🙂


15 thoughts on “A Tapping at my Door by David Jackson

  1. I so need to bump this now!! Great review from both you and Sarah! And loving the new look of your blog!!

  2. It was Sarah who got me to read it as well! I read Cry Baby back in 2014 and loved it but hadn’t realised he had a new book out till I saw Sarah raving about it. She should be on commission lol x

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