In Her Wake By Amanda Jennings BLOG TOUR



Hi everyone,

Today is my stop on the In Her Wake blog tour, a beautifully written book by Amanda Jennings and published by Orenda Books.

My thanks as always to these lovely ladies for the opportunity to read such a wonderful book and join the tour! 🙂


About the book (via Goodreads):

A perfect life … until she discovered it wasn’t her own.

A tragic family event reveals devastating news that rips apart Bella’s comfortable existence. Embarking on a personal journey to uncover the truth, she faces a series of traumatic discoveries that take her to the ruggedly beautiful Cornish coast, where hidden truths, past betrayals and a 25-year-old mystery threaten not just her identity, but also her life.

Chilling, complex and profoundly moving, In Her Wake is a gripping psychological thriller that questions the nature of family – and reminds us that sometimes the most shocking crimes are committed closest to home.


My thoughts:

It’s weeks since I finished In Her Wake and yet I still cannot find the right words to describe the emotional rollercoaster that this book puts you on.

When we meet Bella, she is travelling back to her family home with her husband due to a family tragedy. What follows is an utterly heartbreaking journey into the deepest corners of her life.

In Her Wake is a beautifully woven tale of loss and grief, but at the same time it instills in the reader a hopefulness, a sense that there is more to the world than what we can see.

Amanda Jennings has written an absolutely beautiful novel. It is the most descriptive book that I’ve read in a long time, with the landscape being used so perfectly that it mimics the turmoil of the characters at certain points, and at others its beauty is showcased to perfection.

I read In Her Wake slowly. I couldn’t have flown through it even if I wanted too. The lyrical prose demands attention and speeding through would have meant missing out on Amanda’s beautiful way with words.

In Her Wake is an emotionally fraught read. Full of secrets, and the damage that these secrets can do to those who keep them as well as those who seek to find the truth. It is a heartrending tale of grief, loss, and above all, love. Emotional, hopeful, chilling and gripping in equal measure, I am still thinking about In Her Wake almost two months on from finishing it…

Here’s the tour schedule for In Her Wake if you want to keep up! 🙂

In Her Wake Blog tour.jpg

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