Last Light by CJ Lyons



About the book:

1987: Lily Martin is horrifically murdered along with her young child in Texas.

Today: Life should be easy after leaving the FBI –  but not if you’re detective Lucy Guardino. Lucy has always seen herself as a normal mum who happened to have a job chasing the worst of the worst. But after a violent predator targets her family and she’s injured, Lucy sacrifices her career at the Bureau.

She joins the Beacon Group, a firm that specializes in cold cases. Lucy fears she’s traded the elite for shepherding a team of amateurs.

She is sent to rural Texas to investigate a case that’s already been closed with the killers behind bars for twenty-nine years.

But who really killed Lily Martin and her infant daughter? Why was an entire family targeted for annihilation? What price will Lucy pay when she fights to expose a truth people will kill to keep buried?


My thoughts:

Last Light was an unexpectedly great read! I had seen the blurb and thought it sounded right up my street so I finally got to make a start on it recently! I was hooked pretty quickly once I started reading!!!

Fast paced and full of action, Last Light reads like it should be a blockbuster movie. Small town murders, cold case reopened, crack team of investigators sent in to find the truth. In writing that last bit I can almost hear the theme tune to The A-Team playing in my head! 🙂

As usual, I digress! I thoroughly enjoyed Last Light. It has a great cast of characters, and with plenty of grisly investigating to do it definitely keeps your mind thinking as you try to figure out what happened 25 years ago, and what’s happening now!!!

Highly recommended for certain! And you can’t go wrong with a book that has Lee Child quoted on the front!

My thanks to Hayley Steed for my review copy! 

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