Thea Hartley Wear Bright Colours For Me Blog Tour

Hello everyone,

Today is my stop on the blog tour for Thea Hartley and her novel Wear Bright Colours For Me.


Thea has written a guest post about her book for Bibliophile Book Club today so happy reading! 🙂


Hi, I’m Thea Hartley and I’m here to tell you about myself and my book “WEAR BRIGHT COLOURS FOR ME”.

This book is very difficult to put into a genre. It has a little of everything. The paranormal, history, romance, suspense, crime you name it…its in the book.

I wrote it following reading some fascinating non-fiction books about reincarnation.

My husband had died, and although I was not looking for him to reappear as a butterfly or something, I wondered about the possibility of reincarnation.

My daughter had a dream in which he said to her, “tell your mother to wear bright colours for me.” Following my recent interest in spiritual things,this became the name of the book. I was also inspired by the relationship between my young grandson and a little girl in his school who he had first met in nursery. From the moment they were first sat down together they had been inseparable. Caring for each other in an obviously pure, loving way. They are still the same six years later.

They are the basis for my two main characters.

Therefore a fictional novel on reincarnation was born.


“Amy and Luke meet each other in life after life. However, usually in tragic circumstances,  they are quickly separated from each other. The rules of “karma” are all that can bring them together for eternity and they must overcome the evil nemesis who is responsible in each life for their tragedies.

Most of the characters turn up in every life in different guises, trying to work through their own karmic journeys; An African tribe in 10BC; Elizabethan England; A gypsy encampment in Victorian times and a small Welsh village during world War 2. In each historical scenario dramas are played out until the surprising ending in contemporary London.”


This book was exciting to write, I hope you find it exciting to read.




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