Devil’s Demise by Lee Cockburn *Extract* Blogival



About the book:

A cruel and sinister killer is targeting Edinburgh’s most powerful women, his twisted sense of superiority driving him to satisfy his depraved sexual appetite. He revels in the pain and suffering he inflicts on his unsuspecting victims but a twist of fate and an overwhelming will to survive by one victim ruins his plans for a reign of terror. His tormented prey will need all her courage if she is to survive the hunt.

This book sounds brilliant! Read on for an extract from Devil’s Demise…


Extract – Meeting the main characters


One am on Saturday morning, Taylor trailed her hand over the silky contours of her lover’s shoulder, running her fingertips through the long shiny auburn hair, breathing in the heady scent of her musky perfume. Planting soft kisses on her forehead; Taylor teased her awake for another kiss. Kay’s head turned and a smile emerged from beneath the duvet, her hand reached for Taylor’s head, pulling her softly to her, their mouths touching, lips slightly parted as their kiss developed into passion, their tongues meeting, a soft caress, teasing, then devouring, taking one into the other with a floating sense of desire burning from within. Taylor’s long fingers gently stroked Kay’s breast, before gripping her nipple firmly with her finger and thumb; a slight moan of pleasure as Kay stroked Taylor’s back, holding her head as it went lower, her mouth covering her breast, licking, sucking, gripping the now taut nipples, stiff with anticipation. Her mouth searched the firmness of Kay’s stomach, her lips softly brushing against her, tasting her flesh as she followed the delicate lines, the natural path to her intimate pleasure. Kay arched her back in delight as the soft experienced mouth explored her, Taylor aware of what she was doing to her, of what Kay was feeling, a little different from her normal sexual partners. Kay’s soft mound was visible just before her, with a fine strip of dark hair leading to the glistening haven. Kay moaned loudly as the wait was over; she writhed backward at the tingling sensation of Taylor’s first touch, which was too consuming to control. Her tongue teased her softly at first, creating a plateau of pleasure, an orgasm that teetered on the edge. Taylor’s fingers delved deep inside, deepening the pleasure, preventing an uncontrollable and premature orgasm. Her fingers moved with Kay, pushing deep into her, rocking with the motion of her hips, one hand gripping her smooth and curvaceous buttocks, Taylor’s mouth creating wave after wave of dreamy ecstasy. The first orgasm was powerful and spiralled throughout her feverish body, the next a desperate and frantic affair with the final pleasure unfathomable, a euphoric sensation and long awaited fulfilment; pure unadulterated satisfaction.

Kay relaxed her taut frame and sank back onto the bed, panting from the effort expelled in the raunchy exchange of flesh and sweat, their kisses now calm and complete, Taylor no longer hungry for Kay’s pleasure. Kay pulled her to her and helped her unwind, relieving Taylor, pleasuring her in her own naive and inexperienced way. Kay cuddled into Taylor, laying her head on her olive skin, her perfectly formed breast just before her; she kissed her softly with her arm loosely round her waist as she drifted off to sleep, her body spent with contented exhaustion, head still spinning with her dreamy first experience of a woman’s pleasure.

Taylor Nicks was a 34 year old Detective Sergeant in the Major Crime Unit. She had been there for the past four years, based at Fettes Police Head Quarters in Scotland’s capital. She was part of a large team dealing with all of the extraordinary serious crimes in Edinburgh and the Borders, those which needed a dedicated team to fulfil the requirements that every unique and notable crime demanded. Taylor was tall, athletic, slim and very beautiful, a powerful woman in a man’s world. She had striking features, brown eyes, with long, dark, wavy, shoulder-length hair and she was a popular presence for both men and women, a fantasy for some and a reality for others. She was smart, forthright and humorous. A very confident and astute woman, Taylor was perceptive and quick-witted. A capable woman in her field, she was keen and inventive, believing no problem was too difficult to solve; she was a hard worker who would never give up, always fighting for the rights of the innocent.

Her personal life, on the other hand, was not so controlled: no regulations, no rules; she was flighty, careless with love and until now incapable of commitment, a free spirit who had broken many hearts on her directionless journey through her hectic love life. Her work was her safety net when her feet needed to be planted firmly back on the ground.

Her partner, Detective Constable Marcus Black, was 29 years old; he was a tall handsome man, with an athletically muscular frame, a firm jaw and well-groomed designer stubble. Tanned with short gelled dark hair and a smooth deep voice, Marcus was witty, intelligent and a very popular member of the team. He had a pleasant and honest personality, with a persuasive manner when dealing with people; a genuinely kind man, always polite and respectful to all of those who deserved it. He regularly worked side by side with Taylor, an accomplished duo, rank never being an issue between them; an efficient pairing with a proficient and experienced background, both suitably qualified in their field. He had a long term partner, Maria, and a young son David, and he loved both deeply. He was the opposite of Taylor, a faithful and loving man who lived for his family, but enjoyed the thrill of work.

Detective Inspector Martin Findlay, on the other hand, was a rotund chap; a little dishevelled, his clothes stretching to fit his ever-growing figure. His hand was never too far away from the common household doughnut. He relied heavily upon his far more experienced team surrounding him, one of the boys’ club promoted beyond his ability. An aggressive man when challenged by his subordinates, a weakness in his personality and failure to lead effectively. An old school cop, one who thought women should never have been introduced to the force – and gays, well that was another story altogether. He preyed on other people’s success, reaping the rewards it brought, taking ownership of the team’s hard work. He was also married, but regularly suggested he was unhappy and was only with her because it was too expensive to leave her. He had had affairs in the past, but his appearance these days now limited his chance of much success. He letched over any women in the office, rubbing close at any opportunity and making sleazy unwanted comments when he could get away with it. He found Taylor attractive – a waste of a good woman, he had been heard to say to his peers of similar backgrounds – and thought gays shouldn’t be allowed in the force.



You can purchase a copy here: Devil’s Demise


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