Streets of Darkness by A. A. Dhand

About the book:

The sky over Bradford is heavy with foreboding. It always is. But this morning it has reason to be – this morning a body has been found. And it’s not just any body.

Detective Harry Virdee should be at home with his wife. Impending fatherhood should be all he can think about but he’s been suspended from work just as the biggest case of the year lands on what would have been his desk. He can’t keep himself away.

Determined to restore his reputation, Harry is obliged to take to the shadows in search of notorious ex-convict and prime suspect, Lucas Dwight. But as the motivations of the murder threaten to tip an already unstable city into riotous anarchy, Harry finds his preconceptions turned on their head as he discovers what it’s like to be on the other side of the law… 

My thoughts:

Firstly, my thanks as always to the lovely Ben Willis for my ARC of Streets of Darkness. I’m always super grateful for these, and Ben has been kind enough to send some brilliant ARC’s my way, and this one is no exception!

Streets of Darkness is Amit Dhand’s debut novel, and I have to say, it is way beyond the scope of a debut. It is an exceptional novel, cleverly written and brilliantly plotted. A must for all crime thriller fans.

The book follows Detective Harry Virdee, suspended from duty, but caught up in the murder of a prominent Bradford due to the fact that he came upon the body himself on his morning run. Virdee’s wife, Saima is heavily pregnant and could have the baby at any time, but fatherhood or not Harry cannot walk away from one of the biggest cases of his turbulent career.

Virdee goes rogue, trying to locate Lucas Dwight, the main suspect in the murder. This decision has far-reaching consequences for everyone involved. Streets of Darkness has so many themes running through the it. Race, religion, drugs, culture, politics. They all figure, some more than others and the authors has done an excellent job of writing sensitively yet honestly during the course of the book. 

The characterisation is also superb. Harry is flawed, but he is innately human in his reactions. His wife Saima is a strong female character, well rounded and an excellent balance to Harry’s wild ways. I have to say, even Lucas Dwight who wasn’t the most wholesome of characters, evoked feelings of sympathy at times, and that’s hard work for an author to create empathy for a less than nice character.

Streets of Darkness is a superb debut. Excellent story, fast paced and gripping, I cannot recommend it enough! It’s out on June 16th and you can preorder a copy by clicking on the link below:

Streets of Darkness by A. A. Dhand
Happy reading! 😊📖

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