As White As Snow by Salla Simukka

I’m still working my way through the Snow White series thanks to the lovely Emily at Bonnier Zaffre! Two down, one to go! πŸ˜‰

About the book:

Lumikki Andersson may be innocent, but she’s no Snow White…

Three and a half months have passed since Lumikki Andersson was left for dead in a snowdrift – a bullet wound in her thigh and frostbite creeping into her skin. But the scorchingly hot streets of Prague in summer provide a welcome contrast to that terrifying time, and now Lumikki just wants to move on – forget the events of the past year, forget about the Polar Bear’s crime ring – and escape her parent’s oppressive concern… She’s alone again, which is just how she likes it.
But Lumikki’s peaceful solitude is about to be shattered. She is approached on the street by a nervous young woman, who, unbelievably, thinks she might be Lumikki’s long-lost sister. Lumikki is unconvinced – although Zelenka’s story seems to ring horrifyingly true – but there’s something weird about her. Something jumpy, and suspicious.

Turns out Lumikki is right to be wary, as Zelenka is part of a dangerous religious cult who believe they are descendants of Christ – and that Lumikki is one of them, and must be ‘martyred’ alongside them. On the run for her life again, Lumikki must once more draw on her all her powers of resolve and strength if she is to survive.

My thoughts:

I recently read and reviewed the first of these books, As Red As Blood (click HERE to read that one!) and read the second one last week but didn’t get my review done until now! I totally jinxed myself saying I was ahead with my posts last week πŸ˜‚

Anyway, I digress as usual…

As White As Snow starts with Lumikki enjoying the sights and sounds of Prague. Away from the events of the previous months, she is enjoying her freedom and exploring the city. But as we’re starting to learn, life is never that simple when you’re essentially a magnet for trouble! 😏

Accosted by Lenka, claiming that she is her half sister, poor Lumikki is once again drawn into a spiders web with danger at every turn. What follows is both fast paced and interesting, because Lumikki has to reconcile the fact that she could have a sibling with the fact that said sibling has unwittingly placed her in harms way.

Listen, I’m not going to go into the plot. The blurb tells you all you need to know! I really enjoying these books. They are a break from the norm for me, marginally more light hearted but still containing serious crimes and abhorrent behaviours. Also, these books are still totally reminiscent of what I would imagine a teenage Lisbeth Salander to be like, with a bit of levity thrown in.

Two books in, and I think Salla Simukka has created a heroine that is human, flawed, young,socially awkward but super interesting to read. Also, allusions made in book 1 to a love interest get discussed in book 2 and it made perfect sense! I’m not going to say any more, just that you should read these books! I’m certain that I’ll emphasise that point after I’ve read book 3 too! πŸ˜‚

Have you read them? Would you read them? I’ll leave the links below πŸ˜‰πŸ“–

As Red As Blood (Book 1): As Red As Blood

As White As Snow (Book 2): As White As Snow

6 thoughts on “As White As Snow by Salla Simukka

  1. I love your enthusiasm about these books. I admit your reviews have made me curious, I think I’d enjoy those stories πŸ™‚

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