July Book Haul

Yay! I’m on time again with my monthly book haul post! πŸ˜‚πŸŽ‰

In case you’re new to the blog, this is a list of the books I’ve acquired during the month! The books are either purchased, Netgalley requests, author requests or review copies sent from publishers and there’s usually a long list!

Last month, I only had 40 books on the list (you can read that book haulΒ HERE) which is good going, for me anyway! πŸ™ˆ This month, I haven’t actually counted them, I just wrote them out so I guess we’ll find out together!

Let’s do this! 😊

  1. Rage by Zygmunt Miloszewski
  2. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas
  3. Memory Man by David Baldacci
  4. The Dead American by Jake Needham
  5. Invisible by Barbara Copperthwait
  6. Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes
  7. Alex by Pierre Lemaitre
  8. The Racketeer by John Grisham
  9. The Opticians Wife by Betsy Reavley
  10. Post Mortem by Kate London
  11. The Sister by Louise Jensen
  12. The Hangmans Hitch by Donna Maria McCarthy
  13. Death Do Us Part by Steven Dunne
  14. Ruthless by John Rector
  15. All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
  16. The Stepmother by Claire Seeber
  17. Cut To The Bone by Alex Caan
  18. Sacrifice by Hanna Winter
  19. Undertow by Elizabeth Heathcote
  20. Irene by Pierre Lemaitre
  21. All Involved by Ryan Gattis
  22. The Last One by Alexandra Oliva
  23. All Things Cease To Appear by Elizabeth Brundage
  24. Before The Fall by Noah Hawley
  25. Black Night Falling by Rod Reynolds
  26. Hostage by Robert Crais
  27. Salem’s Lot by Stephen King
  28. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
  29. 2nd Chance by James Patterson
  30. 3rd Degree by James Pattersom
  31. 4th of July by James Patterson
  32. 5th Horseman by James Patterson
  33. Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch
  34. The Second Deadly Sin by Γ…sa Larsson
  35. Wolf by Mo Hayder
  36. How Not To Disappear by Claire Furniss
  37. I See You by Clare Mackintosh
  38. I’m Thinking Of Ending Things by Iain Reid
  39. The Muse by Jessie Burton
  40. All The Rage by Courtney Summers
  41. Lying In Wait by Liz Nugent
  42. Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier
  43. You Were Never Really Here by Jonathan Ames
  44. The Deviants by CJ Skuse
  45. Monster by CJ Skuse
  46. Goodbye To The Dead by Brian Freeman
  47. A Death In The Family by Michael Stanley
  48. Blackout by Ragnar JΓ³nasson (paperback)
  49. The Empty Chair by Jeffery Deaver
  50. The Stone Monkey by Jeffery Deaver
  51. Snowbound by Blake Crouch
  52. Knots and Crosses by Ian Rankin
  53. The Killing Club by Paul Finch
  54. The Mermaids Singing by Val McDermid
  55. The One That Got Away by Simon Wood
  56. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by John Tiffany & Jack Thorne
  57. By Gaslight by Steven Price
  58. Tall Oaks by Chris Whitaker (signed birthday present from the author 😍)
  59. The Constant Soldier by Willian Ryan
  60. Camilla by Pierre Lemaitre
  61. The Sculptress by Minette Walters
  62. Cross Kill by James Patterson
  63. The Hostage by James Patterson
  64. They all Fall Down by Cat Hogan
  65. Untouchable by Sibel Hodge
  66. Those We Left Behind by Stuart Neville
  67. So Say The Fallen by Stuart Neville
  68. Never Alone by Elizabeth Haynes
  69. Devil Smoke by CJ Lyons
  70. Saving Sophie by Sam Carrington
  71. The Memory Box by Eva Natiello
  72. Watching Edie by Camilla Way

Right, so 72 books came through my door during the month of July! 😱 I guess it could have been worse, and there are some cracking reads in there! πŸ“šπŸ™ŒπŸ»

30 thoughts on “July Book Haul

  1. Oh, now that is a huge, beautiful TBR pile. So many wonderful additions to your shelf. I am so jealous because I have seen so many titles that I want to read. Enjoy your new additions!

  2. Exsqueeze me?! Tell me you’re not going to read all of those in a month!! Well they’ll certainly make a beautiful display in the meantime πŸ™‚ I would HIGHLY recommend beginning with All The Light We Cannot See, a beautiful story, masterfully written x

  3. My cousin pre-ordered Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, he told me that once I’m finished the rest of the series (I’m on Chamber Of Secrets now!) than I can read it too! I’m betting I’ll be waiting a while! Lol

      1. I’ve read the first book about 10 years ago!! But I have never read the rest of the series before and I’m glad there’s a couple of movies that I haven’t watched about a 100 times because it gives a chance to look at the story differently!

      1. I loved ACOTAR and I’m going to read ACOMAF this month, I’ve read 11 of the women’s murder club series, I enjoy them good reads quick to get though 😊

  4. Wow – lots of good picks here. My favs were the Rankin, McDermid, DuMaurier (natch), Walters & Macintosh. Currently reading Doerr which is very engaging.
    If i had to read all of the books in your list it would take me 3 yrs – Hah!
    Happy reading πŸ˜€

  5. Pictures!!!! πŸ˜€
    Oooh, The Sister! Loved that one! I still have to write a review for The Stepmother, the words just won’t come out. I really want to read I See You and Lying In Wait!

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