Weekly Wrap Up August 7th

Hi everyone,

I can’t believe it’s Sunday again, the weeks are going by far too fast!😱

This week I managed to read a grand total of ONE book which brings my total read for the year up to 108 books! I’m on course to finish another one tonight though so it’s not too bad! πŸ˜‚

I got to read an early copy of All Fall Down by Tom Bale and it was, as expected, a rollercoaster! All the stars for that one!

This week I got to post my favourite post, the monthly book haul! I just love seeing lists of books if I’m honest! You can catch up with that post by clicking the link below:

July Book Haul

Following on from that, I was on the blog tour for Hanna Winter’s forthcoming novel! Time-permitting, I’ll get to read and review it soon because it sounds really good!

Blog Tour- Sacrifice by Hanna Winter

I got to have a brilliant guest post from Ava Marsh this week too. Ava is lovely and it was a real pleasure having her on the blog!

Spotlight on Ava Marsh

Last but by no means least, I had the usual Triple S post with Conrad Jones yesterday!

Saturday Series Spotlight- Conrad Jones

That’s been my week here! Next week will be much the same, although I will actually have a couple of reviews as well. First up is my review of Dark Water by Sara Bailey on Tuesday, and on Thursday I get to close the blog tour of Black Night Falling by Rod Reynolds!

For the Triple S post on Saturday, I get to have one of my fellow Blogsquad members, Sarah Hardy from By The Letter Book Reviews talking about book series that she loves! 😊

Also, I’m going to a book event tomorrow evening where I get to meet bestselling Irish author Liz Nugent (Unravelling Oliver and Lying in Wait!) and there’s drinks and a blind book swap afterwards so I’ll be doing a separate post (with pics hopefully 😊) for that too!

How was your week? Any books I need to add to my TBR mountain?? πŸ€”

Kate x

p.s Thank you for all the various shares and RTs during the week! I didn’t get a chance to thank you all individually but I’m really grateful for the support! ❀️

5 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up August 7th

  1. I think I may have made Noelles day when she got my review for Snatched from Home by Graham Smith which I finished early this week. I’ve also read Adam Maxwell’s The Dali Deception, a story about a heist which is something new for me (I think). Started Matching The Evidence, another by the aforementioned Mr Smith.
    Your weekly posts always add books to my wishlist!!!! #drowninginbooks

    1. Adam’s book sounds fab, he asked me to review and then I never heard anything from him since! πŸ˜‚ I was going to apologise for making you add books… But no! πŸ˜‚ buy all the books!

      1. Not buying yet….just the wishlist for now!! Tried to be organised and write a list of my next 10 reads…lets see if I stick to it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
        Think you’d like Adam’s book. Bit of a change from the full on blood and murder!

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