Rick O’Shea’s Book Club- Liz Nugent 

Hi hi!

On Monday (8th August), I had the absolute pleasure of attending my first proper book event and it was practically on my doorstep, so I couldn’t not go!!!

I’m part of a book club on Facebook, set up by legendary Irish radio presenter (and all round book nerd!) Rick O’Shea and we have moved from the virtual world to the real world with a series of author interviews and Liz Nugent was the guest of honour in Dubray Books in Galway.

Photo courtesy of Rick O’Shea

Liz Nugent is the bestselling author of Unravelling Oliver and Lying In Wait. I finished Lying In Wait the night before the event so I haven’t had time to do up my review yet but it is a stunning book!!!

Clearly being an eager beaver, I was super early and managed to nab a front row seat so that I could a) hear Liz and Rick and b) take photos! Needless to say, I took enough during the course of the night. (These two are Rick’s!)

The interview itself was fantastic. Liz is so engaging, and honest and genuinely funny that I’m pretty sure the audience were well entertained for the duration. Rick asked some great questions of Liz too, and her answers were very insightful. There are also parts of it that belong in the #DONOTTWEETTHIS category, for reasons I can’t disclose… mwahahahaha!! 🙂

I also have to praise the staff in Dubray Galway. I visit there regularly and they are so helpful and extremely knowledgeable. For the event, they were so accommodating and couldn’t do enough to help which was brilliant! And they even let me buy the BFG Books Are My Bag tote a bit early!


For the afters, we all went to O’Connells bar on Eyre Square for drinks and a blind book swap. It was a great chance to chat to fellow book lovers, and more than a little surreal for people to say they know who I am and that they read my blog!!! The blind book swap was great fun, and I managed to get two great books (I had brought two, therefore I got to take two as well!) of which one has been on my wishlist for a while!

I have to say, sitting in the relaxed atmosphere in the pub was so much fun as everyone was chatting books and it was lovely to spend time in the wonderful company of like-minded book lovers. We stayed chatting until 1am, when we were asked ever so politely to leave! At that stage there was only 5 of us left; myself, Rick, Liz, Sarah and Carol- we’re hard core don’t ya know!!!!

I had the best time! I laughed so much, and I learned a lot from listening to Liz and Rick so it was a fab experience! Huge thanks again for an absolutely superb night!

Bring on the next one!!!

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