Find Me by J. S. Monroe


*My thanks to Blake at Head of Zeus Books for my ARC of Find Me*

About the book:

Five years ago, Rosa walked to Cromer pier in the dead of night. She looked into the dark swirling water below, and she jumped. She was a brilliant young Cambridge student who had just lost her father. Her death was tragic, but not unexpected.

Was that what really happened? The coroner says it was. But Rosa’s boyfriend Jar can’t let go. He hallucinates, seeing Rosa everywhere – a face on the train, a distant figure on the hillside. He is obsessed with proving that she is still alive.

And then he gets an email.

Find me, Jar. Find me, before they do…

And, if she is, who is playing games with the ones she left behind?

About the author:

J. S. Monroe read English at Cambridge, worked as a freelance journalist in London and was a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4. Monroe, the author of five other novels, was also a foreign correspondent in Delhi for the Daily Telegraph and was on its staff in London as Weekend editor.

My thoughts:

I had seen this cover on social media, and needless to say I was intrigued so I was delighted to get a review copy.

I had no idea what to expect because the cover literally gives nothing away so when I got it I saw that it was a flip book, in that you read half and then turn it upside down and read from the other cover and then meet in the middle! It was my first book like this, so that in itself was a novelty!

I don’t want go into the plot, because I’m mindful that I may give something away! What I will say though, is the first half of the book was excellent! I was gripped, until I flipped it over. Once I flipped, I found that the story lagged a bit, and even became a bit predictable!

However, it didn’t deter my enjoyment of Find Me. It was an interesting premise, and I was pleasantly surprised to see my hometown as a main characters hometown too as that’s not something I ever come across in books!

Find Me is a thriller, with some very compelling chapters, but at times I found it just fell a little flat when it could have gone the other way! I did enjoy it though and would recommend it if you like psychological thrillers sprinkled with a bit of mystery!

Would you read Find Me? Do let me know I the comments below!

7 thoughts on “Find Me by J. S. Monroe

  1. I have never ever seen a flip book before and would really like to have the experience of reading one. As much as I love psychological thrillers though I’m not sure if I would read this book.


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