The Ninja Book Swap


Hi everyone,

So any of you remotely active on Twitter should have spotted the Ninja Book Swap being mentioned on there. It’s just gone live for the Autumn sign up, and it’s open internationally.

Sadly I can’t take part this time but it sounds like the best idea for some bookish fun! Sign up is open until October 2nd, and you can find the sign up sheet HERE. There’s also a Trick or Treat Book Swap which is slightly different and you can check that one out HERE.

Here’s a rundown of some of the important stuff for Ninja Book Swap from Bex:

  • You can sign up until midnight on Saturday October 2nd. Bex must be able to recognise you on the sign up form -ie that you have had some form of interaction on Twitter etc!
  • Sometime around October 3rd or 4th you’ll receive an email with details of the person you’re making a parcel for. Go shopping!
  • Make them a parcel which should fit the criteria below depending on which swap you’re doing as outlined below:
    • Original Swap – parcels must contain at least one book from your persons wishlist (you can put in more than one but one is the minimum), plus a gift or two based on their lists of likes and dislikes and a card/letter saying hi and giving a way to contact you to say thanks! Check out the photos on #ninjabookswap to see past parcels (do note that the last swap was a mini swap so please scroll back a bit to see the last full swap in February).
    • Trick or Treat Swap – parcels must contain a ‘trick’ book (a book in the genre your person wants to read more of – please make an effort to check out their blog and/or goodreads to make sure they haven’t obviously already read the book you choose), they must also contain a ‘treat’ which can either be a book from your person’s wishlist, gift/s based on their likes or both, plus a card or letter saying hi & giving a way to contact you and say thanks. If you’re confused about the Trick or Treat swap please read this post. If you’re still confused email me.
  • Post it by Monday October 17th and email ninjabookswap(at)gmail(dot)com with proof of postage or tracking info.
  • Once you receive your parcel say thankyou. Really, I can’t stress this enough, I spend so much time chasing up whether or not parcels have turned up soplease take a second to tweet or email your sender and thank them for taking the time to make you a parcel. Alternatively if they’ve forgotten to include contact details you can email me and I’ll pass along your thanks!
  • After you’ve said thanks please email me again to let me know you’ve got a parcel.
  • Tweet about the swap using #ninjabookswap 
  • Job done.

I’m gutted that I cant participate in this one, but I will be keeping an eye out for the Spring sign up for sure!!!

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