Run by Adam Hamdy & SIGNED Pendulum Giveaway

Hi everyone!

So, I recently read and absolutely loved Pendulum by Adam Hamdy (review here) so I was thrilled to hear from Katie that there is an eNovella called RUN being released tomorrow. I was lucky enough to read it, and it packs a serious emotional punch between its pages.

Here’s the synopsis:

Embedded with the British Army in Afghanistan, recording the devastation that the war on terror has brought to the country, photo-journalist John Wallace’s endurance is about to be put to the ultimate test.

A planned assault on an insurgent compound has gone wrong with devastating consequences. Now Wallace has only one option if he is going to get justice for those involved. He can expose those responsible. But to do that, he will have to RUN…



Read on for a little taster from Run….

Wrapped in a white womb, blind, deaf and numb, Wallace felt strangely calm. The world had ceased to trouble him. Past and future had no meaning; there was only now, and in the deadened present, he lost all sense of himself. Robbed of history, ambition and desire, he believed he might be at peace, but at the very instant he began to savour the blissful serenity, it was torn from him. The protective shield of the transient womb was the first thing to go, and the white dust cloud thrown up by the explosion began to dissipate. Like a slumbering baby hauled into the world for the first time, he struggled to cope with the sudden rush of feeling as his senses were assaulted by the unfamiliar chaos that surrounded him. The sweet aroma of gunpowder mingled with the heady scent of burning oil, but both were quickly overpowered by the acrid stench of scorched flesh.

He realised that the blast had blown him onto the soft sand that surrounded the walled compound. He rolled onto his front and pushed himself to his knees, invigorated by a sudden burst of survivor’s glee: he was alive. He could see wraiths running through the dust and smoke, shadowy figures moving with deliberate urgency. Soldiers, he realised, the word suddenly filling his mind. Sabre Platoon … J Company … Fourth Battalion … Lancaster … Marwand.  His thoughts were slow and disjointed, as though they too had been thrown into disarray by the grenade. Camera. That single word connected everything, and Wallace sparked to life with a sudden recollection of his place in the world. He checked his chest as he got to his feet, but his camera was gone, blown clear by the blast. As he staggered through the swirling dust, scouring the ground, he realised that his hearing hadn’t returned. He had the vaguest sense of a world of sounds, but everything seemed distant, muted by a swollen pressure.

To be in with a chance of winning a SIGNED PROOF COPY OF PENDULUM by Adam Hamdy all you have to do is comment on this post! Competition will close at Midnight tonight (September 21st).

Good Luck! 🙂


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