Reader’s Block…

As a book blogger, I kinda have to read, a lot. So when I find myself not pushed about picking up my books, I know there’s a problem! Nick Quantrill (author) recently suggested maybe writing about it, because we hear of writer’s block, but not much about reader’s block. So I’m writing this… when I should be reading!!!

The irony in this is that my blog name is BIBLIOPHILE Book Club:


Now, I have no issue with the admiring and collecting of books, as anyone who follows me on here or social media can attest to, but every so often my reading mojo decides its time for a little holiday and leaves me in a bit of trouble!


Anyway, last time I was in a bad reading slump, I mentioned it briefly in this old post from earlier this year: I’ve hit the wall…& Weekly Wrap Up so I’m going to chat about it a bit more this time I think.

There have been a number of things suggested to me to help get rid of the reader’s block, so I’m going to list them here as though they don’t work for me, they might help someone else.

  • Read some short stories or novellas.
  • Re-read an old favourite.
  • Pick a book that you want to read as opposed to one you need to read.
  • Write something.
  • Watch some tv, or a good movie to keep your brain occupied.
  • Read a magazine (The National Enquirer is GOLD for this one!!!)
  • Read a kids book.
  • Read outside your preferred genre.
  • Walk away from the books, they will still be there when you come back.

I have done most, if not all of these, in my quest to try and get back into a reading rhythm, but to no avail this time round.


Funnily enough, it seems I got writers block with this post too. It’s been 5 days since I started this post, and I genuinely couldn’t finish it because I didn’t even know what to write. Even now, I’m only checking in while I’m prepping the blog tour posts that are coming up on here.

I’m still reading, but I’m reading books that I’m on blog tours for first and then I’ll move onto review requests again. I think this slump is making me feel like I’m at school, and I have to read as opposed to picking books to read for pleasure. 

In writing that, I genuinely don’t remember the last book I read that I picked! And it’s not like I don’t have any to choose from, I have literally hundreds of books on my shelves and kindle!

This is just a snapshot of some of my TBR…

(More books have been added since this photo was taken-shocker!!! πŸ˜‚)

So, have you ever had a reading slump? If so, how do you get out of it? I’d be interested to see if there’s anything I haven’t tried yet!

Let me know in the comments 😊

55 thoughts on “Reader’s Block…

  1. Last time I had a slump like that I just took time out & spent it with mini playing lego, colouring in etc & tried not to put too much pressure on myself. Different things work for different people, hope you find something that helps soon my lovely x

  2. Hope you get over it soon. I usually read a couple of books in a different genre or try and have a couple of days fully away from books to try and get over my slumps which touch wood has worked up until now. I have also been cutting back on arcs so that it relieves the pressure that I feel I’m under which gives me more time to enjoy the books that I have purchased, xx

  3. Hope your reading slump improves soon, although I’m struggling at the moment too, I’m so stressed about loosing my job just before Christmas I can’t seem to concentrate for long. I’m trying to cut back on blog tours so I don’t feel so stressed to read a book, and I really want to read some of the books sat on my book shelf that I’m desperate to read. I suppose on a positive note no job = more reading πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Kate. I’ve realised how much time this is taking away from my family. I’m definitely in a slump & have picked up a book I WANT to read now and I intend to read it at my own pace. I have let this reviewing get completely out of hand & it has become as you say ‘home work ‘ My stress over it is affecting everyone and it was never meant to be that. My kids need me & I’m not there for them like before. My house is gone to s*** and I’ve become so disorganised. Maybe this is all normal or maybe we are just pushing ourselves too too hard!! Either way something has to give…I’m permanently knackered as staying up late to try & read a few pages. Is there a solution? I don’t know.

  5. Maybe try watching some gripping films to ignite your passion for stories again then start reading a book you really want to read and stop every time you want to go on so you are desperate to get back to it the next time. Scheduling a few weeks off might also help. x

  6. I feel your pain Kate, I have times like this too and I’ve tried the suggestions above but they don’t really help. I just let it pass and usually my reading mojo returns soon enough. It doesn’t help being on the constant review treadmill. I’ve cut down on blog tours lately as always reading for them leaves no time to read anything else on my shelves. Enjoy your family time instead and let the books take a back seat for a while. xx

  7. I was in a reading slump recently as well! This past week I’ve hardly gotten reading accomplished as I was catching up on reviews, but I made myself do things non-book related for a few days and it seemed to help a bit (ie, watched some tv with hubby, took a relaxing bath with a drink, colored in a coloring book, found a house project to work on. After a few days I missed my reading, so I picked up a book totally for fun- one I was under no obligation to read and that sealed the deal! Finally busted that reading slump and hoping the same happens for you soon!

  8. Aww Kate I hope it passes soon but know how you feel. When I started in May I didn’t expect to receive this many books and I have felt overwhelmed and stressed. My health and other life situations haven’t helped and I have stopped taking Arcs and intend to do less blog tours. I have been thinking about blog new year resolutions and one of those will be to read a book I want to read every month. Hope your slump passes soon lovely.

  9. Goodness that sounds tough especially seeing some of your tbr. I’m sorry don’t have any different advice for you as I’ve just started my book blog. In fact I’ve just had my first book direct from a publisher in the mail and wondered if you have any tips for not getting bogged with it all? :/

  10. I’m in a reading funk now. I’m half way through a really good book, but I’m struggling to find the attention span to stay engrossed in anything; if I’m honest; whether it’s reading, blogging, cooking or baking. I’ve put it down to the time of year for me. Ive only got a couple of weeks then I’m away, hopefully when I come back I’ll have a better attention span. Good luck with finding your reading mojo again! X

  11. I don’t know if you can call them slumps but I definitely go through phases where a lot of books I pick up I put down to try something else. It’s probably an unconscious coping strategy and, as I get a lot of books from the library, a pretty cheap one. I also try and go for different books to shake things up a bit. I don’t find though that I ever don’t read, maybe just not as often. Good luck un-slumping!

  12. Giving yourself permission not to read at all. Walking – doesn’t have to be far but just taking yourself for a walk often helps me when I’m stuck with pretty much anything. Maybe it’s time for a change but it’s not clear yet what that might be. Good luck!

  13. I hope this soon passes for you, Kate. Thankfully I haven’t encountered this problem as yet, although I’m sure I will do at some point. I struggle with having spare time at this time of year as we have such a lot of family Birthdays in October/November/December and I tend to make the cakes for them. It should be a bit quieter for a couple of weeks now, but the Christmas parties and meals out will soon start also which means less quiet evenings at home! Can’t complain though 😊 You take care. X

  14. Nice post. For me i think it helps i read short books in between books and change genre often. The other thing i do, is not worry about it.. i put the book down and come back to it with fresh eyes the next day..that helps me most of the time if i get a bit bogged down

  15. All. The. Time. I think at the moment is my reading list feels a little overwhelming. Reading to order is not fun so the only way I can refocus is to step back and read something I want to read and hopefully reset the review button. I have four books now I have to review and I can’t even think how to start. The only bonus is I decided to put my current read to one side yesterday and take on a book I was really keen on reading. Glad I did I raced through in 4 hours and I am only now sad because it is over.

    Good luck. Hope you find a way out of the slump soon.

  16. When i have to read a book(s), esp if i feel overwhelmed, i read the 1st sentence of each of the books & pick the one with the best opening line.
    As crazy as it sounds, i then set myself a schedule to only read 5-10pgs every 2-3hrs. After a day or two if the book still doesn’t grab me, then i switch books.
    I find watching tv, surfing the net, unproductive as it doesn’t encourage me to read, just numbs my brain.
    Wishing you all the best of luck with your your book pile!

  17. Big hugs Kate!! Last proper slump I took a total change of genre on Sarah Hardys recommendation…a wee bit of chick lit….I’m trying to stave of a slump now with a book of flash fiction which is quite different to short stories. Hope that mojo returns xx

  18. Sorry to hear about your slump. I’ve been in them before blogging and the only things that worked were watching a tv series on netflix then going back to books after a week or 2. I’m pretty picky about what I read so if a book doesn’t interest me I put it down. I don’t want to feel like I HAVE to read. For this reason i’m pretty much choosing to review what I want on my blog, nothing that I’m obligated to review. I hope you turn a corner soon!

      1. I hope all goes well! Something I else I like to do is get a good audiobook that way I can listen while I exercise, clean the house, drive places etc. One with an excellent narrator is YOU by Caroline Kepnes…

  19. I feel like I’m in a bit of a reading slump at the moment as well, and for me I think that the problem is that I feel like I have to read certain books, rather than picking the ones I want to read. I keep a log of everything I’ve read, and I haven’t read a book that I’ve purchased myself for over two months! It’s lovely to have review copies to read, but I think I need to balance them out with some of my own books.
    Hope you’re reading slump ends soon end anyway x

      1. The worst thing is, even though I realise that’s the problem, I can’t do anything about it at the moment, as there are some that I have to read for blog tours and similar! πŸ˜‚ Ah well, we’ll get there!

  20. My TBR pile is nowhere near the size of yours but I do try not to pressure myself into ‘having’ to read any. Studying literature at Uni meant that the sheer weight of required reading, knowing that I ‘had’ to read them eventually robbed me of the joy of many great books.

    I just came out of a slump. Following a sudden death in the family I simply couldn’t bring myself to read. I had ‘deadlines’ looming for blogtours but nothing would either stay in my head nor appeal enough for me to want to read.

    In the end it was a two week break wherein I immersed myself in and took comfort from family life and, in the end, after reading nothing more than The Gruffalo etc each evening, it was a short novel (The Bird Tribunal) that was the first thing I found calling me back in.

    Perhaps a short break is the way to go?

    1. I had seen your post about that at the time, but words always seem like they’re not enough in times of sadness.

      I definitely think a break is the thing. I deleted all my books from my kindle so that the sheer number doesn’t keep putting me off. I’ll find my way back to books, but just not yet.

  21. Kate, you may want to consider a significant blog/ARC sabbatical–even a year if not more. You only have one life and you may regret not reading those books you want to read. Plus think of the stress you will be shedding. Stress is a very bad thing for one’s health and well being. Is it all worth it?

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