Dave Hardy’s Top 20 Books of 2016 +2

Hi everyone,

Posting this on behalf of Dave! An avid reader, you can catch all of Dave’s reviews on his Goodreads page:

Goodreads- Dave Hardy

And without further ado, here’s Dave’s Top 20 Books of 2016:

The 2 outstanding books of 2016

Blood Wedding, by Piere Lemaitre
Epiphany Jones, by Michael Grothaus


And in no particular order, the TOP 20 Books:

The Prodigal, by Nicky Black
NightBlind, by Ragnar Jonasson
The Deeds Of The Devil, by Helen Noble
Tuesday Falling, by S. Williams
The Theseus Paradox, by David Videcette

An Unfamiliar Murder, by Jane Isaac
In Her Wake, by Amanda Jennings
The Missing, by Cally Taylor or C.L. Taylor
Into The Darkest Corner, by Elizabeth Haynes
Shtum, by Jem Lester

The Primrose Path, by Rebecca Griffiths
Tastes Like Fear, by Sarah Hilary
All Is Not Forgotten, by Wendy Walker
The Brief, by Simon Michael
The Opticians Wife, by Betsy Reavley

Saving Sophie, by Sam Carrington
Fade To Dead, by Tara Moore
Pendulum, by Adam Hamdy
Untouchable, by Sibel Hodge
A Suitable Lie, by Michael J Malone

And there you have it! What a great selection of books from Dave for his top picks of 2016! There’s definitely a few added on to my TBR for sure! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Dave Hardy’s Top 20 Books of 2016 +2

  1. Great selection! I’m embarrassed that there’s so many I haven’t read, but as I know Dave has superb taste I’ll ensure I get to them in 2017! As for me, I’m still reading 2016’s offerings!

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