Made Safe by Francis Sparks *Ellen’s Review*


About the book:

Adultery. Murder. Something worse, set in Des Moines, IA, modern day.

A private detective determined to unravel it all.

When an adultery investigation takes a violent turn, Fred Dunsmore lands in the hospital with a near-fatal stab wound and private investigator Moses Winter lands in jail. Moses is not alone, though. He’s there with his unstable client, Sharon Dunsmore, and Fred’s mistress, a Bosnian refugee who just happens to be related to the DCI agent investigating the case, Raif Rakić.

After Rakić secures their release, Fred disappears, and Moses Winter must find the man his client tried to kill, and in doing so navigate the murky depths of the Des Moines criminal underworld run by the local Bosnian mafia syndicate.

Made Safe is published on Jan 17th!

Ellen’s review:

A chilling read – literally as the book is set in the depths of an Iowan Winter. This really added to the atmosphere of the book including at one point the body of a young girl frozen to the street. I was glad to be reading it tucked up under a blanket at home!


Moses Winter is the private investigator that gets drawn into the criminal underworld of Des Moines and deeper into a situation that is out of his league. I liked Moses as a character; his determination to get to the bottom of what seemed like a straight forward adultery case gone wrong was laudable.


DCI Rakic is the agent in charge of the case that evolves from Moses’ adultery case taking a violent turn. This ends up being the tip of the iceberg and he helps Moses unravel the tangled web of deceit which results in them stumbling upon the most heinous crimes of their careers. Rakic has family ties to the case and his dedication to trying to keep them safe whilst bringing others to justice was admirable.


A hard hitting thriller with intriguing characters, a must read for fans of this genre. Four stars from me!

2 thoughts on “Made Safe by Francis Sparks *Ellen’s Review*

  1. I have enough blankets to go through this book I think 😀 I love choosing my readings according to the weather and it’s freezing at the moment so I should read this!

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