They All Fall Down by Cat Hogan


About the book:

Ring-a-ring o rosie . . .

How far would you go?

Jen Harper likes to play it safe. She is settling into life on the outskirts of a sleepy fishing village with her little boy, Danny. Life by the sea just how she wanted it.

When she meets Andy, she feels the time has come to put her baggage and the scars of the past behind her. Then she is introduced to Scott, Andy s best friend, and is stung by his obvious disdain for her. Why is Scott so protective of his best friend? What is the dark secret that threatens all of them?

In her attempt to find answers, Jen must confront her demons and push her relationships to their limits. By digging up the past, she puts Danny and herself in danger. Will she succeed in uncovering the truth before they all fall down?

They All Fall Down was published in 2016, click HERE to get your copy!

About the author:

Cat Hogan was born into a home of bookworms and within spitting distance of the sea. Her father, Pat, a lightship man, instilled in her a love of the sea and the stars. Her mother, Mag, taught her how to read before she could walk.
Writing, storytelling and a wild imagination is part of her DNA.

The beautiful County Wexford, Ireland is home to Cat, her musician partner Dave, two beautiful sons Joey and Arthur, and her tomcat Jim Hawkins. There they live a life of storytelling, song and adventure. The other love of Cat’s life is food. A self-professed foodie, there is nothing she loves more than feeding a houseful of friends round her kitchen table.

When she is not conjuring up imaginary friends, she can be found supporting local musicians and writers of which there is an abundance in her home town. One of her first endorsements for her novel is also her favourite and comes from fellow Wexfordian of Artemis Fowl fame.

‘If the Gone Girl met the Girl on the Train, they would have come up with They All Fall Down’ -Eoin Colfer.

They All Fall Down is Cat’s debut novel.


My thoughts:

I had seen Cat’s book knocking around social media but knowing I didn’t have the time to read it, I bought it and shelved it until I had a chance to read it in my own time. I did manage to take part in the blog tour last year though, and had a Q&A with the lovely lady herself, you can read that HERE.

Anyway, I picked this up after agonizing for ages about what to read, and I was pleasantly surprised. They All Fall Down is a psychological thriller, with a strong emphasis on friendship and trust. Following Jen Harper, and her son Danny as they settle in to a sleepy fishing village, it becomes obvious that there is definitely something a bit sinister in the offing for them.

I’m not going to go into the plot for fear of the dreaded spoilers. However, what I will say is that Cat Hogan has shown great promise in her writing. Capable of creating hateful characters, while balancing them out with the likes of Jen and her friends, I’d be intrigued to see where she goes with her next book.

I won’t lie, there were a few niggles for me with They All Fall Down. The main one, which is completely my issue, is that I don’t read Irish fiction. Yes, I’m Irish, shame on me. The author has the Irish mannerisms down with this book though, even the “bye,bye,bye,bye” that we’re all guilty of when we’re hanging up from a phone call. However, I am so used to reading US, Scandi and UK fiction, that it all threw me a little. I’m used to it in life, but not in fiction I guess!

That being said, They All Fall Down is definitely a good read. I had it read in less than 24 hours, it was the kind of book that you have to keep reading. I read a lot (A HELL OF A LOT) of books in the psych thriller genre, so there was nothing new for me with this one, but it was enjoyable all the same! Cat Hogan is definitely one to watch out for.



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