*Blog Tour* Red Cobra by Rob Sinclair

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Today I’m one of two stops on the blog tour for Red Cobra by Rob Sinclair and I get to share an extract with you all. First though, here’s all the bookish info!

About the book:

Red Cobra final

Carl Logan dedicated nearly twenty years of his life to the Joint Intelligence Agency. Now living in a secret location, under the new identify of James Ryker, he wants nothing more than to be left alone, the chance to start a new life away from chaos, violence, destruction and deceit.

It’s not long, however, before Ryker’s short-lived idle is destroyed when he is tracked down by Peter Winter, his ex-boss at the JIA. Winter brings with him news of the murder of a woman in Spain, Kim Walker, whose fingerprints match those of one of Ryker’s former adversaries who’s been missing presumed dead for years – an infamous female assassin known as the Red Cobra.

A cyberattack at the JIA led to the Red Cobra’s profile being compromised, and Winter believes JIA agents may now be at risk too, Ryker included. But Ryker knew the elusive Red Cobra better than anyone, and when he sees the grisly pictures of Kim Walker’s corpse, he has news for Winter – she isn’t the assassin at all …

So just who is the mystery dead woman? And where is the real Red Cobra?

About the author:


Rob is the author of the critically acclaimed and bestselling Enemy series of espionage thrillers featuring embattled agent Carl Logan, with over 200,000 copies sold to date. The Enemy series has received widespread critical acclaim with many reviewers and readers having likened Rob’s work to authors at the very top of the genre, including Lee Child and Vince Flynn.

Rob’s fourth book, the pulsating psychological thriller Dark Fragments, released by Bloodhound Books in November 2016, has been described as ‘clever’ and ‘chilling’ and an ‘expertly crafted’ story, and became an Amazon UK top 50 bestseller soon after its release.

Rob’s forthcoming James Ryker series follows on from the Enemy books, with the first novel, The Red Cobra, being released in April 2017.

Rob began writing in 2009 following a promise to his wife, an avid reader, that he could pen a ‘can’t put down’ thriller. He worked for nearly 13 years for a global accounting firm after graduating from The University of Nottingham in 2002, specialising in forensic fraud investigations at both national and international levels. Rob now writes full time.

Originally from the North East of England, Rob has lived and worked in a number of fast paced cities, including New York, and is now settled in the West Midlands with his wife and young sons.

Originally from the North East of England, Rob has lived and worked in a number of fast paced cities, including New York, and is now settled in the West Midlands with his wife and young sons.

Helen at Baatty About Books has posted the first part of the extract I’m about to share with you, so click the link below to read it first:

Baatty About Books Red Cobra Extract 


The darkness would help her, she knew, making her nearly invisible as soon as she was away from the faint glow of the car’s rear lights. Still, she was surprised he didn’t open fire on her. Perhaps he wasn’t armed after all.

She heard nothing of him from behind and didn’t once dare to look. Straining every sinew and muscle, she bounded across the soggy ground, headed directly for the steep cliffs that gave way to the thrashing sea below.

With each step she took, the roar of the crashing waves grew louder. Soon it filled her ears. On the distant horizon, the clouds began to part. A sliver of bright white light from the moon became visible. For the first time, she could see the endless expanse of inky water below. And the edge of the cliff just a few paces ahead.

She closed her eyes, preparing for the leap into the unknown…

The next second, she was shoved from behind. She lost her footing and ended up face down in the mud. Maybe he slipped too. Or maybe he’d simply thrown his whole body at her in order to bring her down. Either way, his big frame thudded onto the ground next to her.

In an instant, she turned onto her back, moving away from him, then leaped onto her feet. He did the same. She pulled out the long knife and swung it in a narrow arc as he raced toward her. She caught his arm and heard the slicing noise as the blade tore through skin and flesh.

He didn’t cry out. Didn’t even murmur.

He smashed into her. The knife flew from her grasp and they tumbled back to the ground, him on top, straddling her, pinning her arms with his knees.

Within seconds, two thick hands were wrapped around her neck, choking her. She rasped and gasped for breath.

The open wound on his forearm glistened in the moonlight. She reached out as much as his restrictive hold would allow, and dug her nails in. Dug deep. She squeezed as hard as she could.

Not so much as a flinch from him. It was like he wasn’t even there. No humanity behind those pearly eyes. Just a… machine.

His strength, his determination, his focus, was too much. Her eyes began to bulge. The shadowy vision of him on top blurred.

But then she saw it. A faint sparkle in the darkness. Metallic. Not her knife. A gun. On the wet ground next to them.

He was armed after all. At least he had been.

She stretched out her hand, the pressure from his knees on her upper arms giving her little room to manoeuvre. She clawed at the soggy mud. Her fingertips were just an inch from the weapon. Her whole body strained…

She got it.

Grabbing the gun’s barrel, she swung the grip toward his head. He never saw it coming. The thick metal handle crashed into his skull. He barely seemed to notice. She hit him again. Then a third time. Finally, the grip round her neck weakened. Slightly.

It was all she needed.

She bucked and pushed up with all the strength she could muster. His body gave a couple of inches. Enough for leverage. She swivelled and took him with her. A moment later, she was the one on top, the gun’s barrel pressing against his forehead.

In the darkness, all she could clearly make out of him were his sparkling eyes. When she’d first met him she’d thought him handsome. Out in the cold, dark night, his penetrating gaze was sinister and unforgiving.

She stared down and he stared right back.

‘If you were going to shoot me, you’d have done it already,’ he said, still eerily calm and composed. A stark contrast to how she was feeling. ‘Do it. Do it now. You won’t get a better chance.’

Her finger was on the trigger. In fact, despite her hesitation, she was actually pushing down on the trigger as he made his move. He grabbed her wrist and pushed the gun up. She fired. Three times. The bullets sailed away into the night. The noise of the gun so close to her head was deafening. And disorientating.

The next she knew, he’d taken back the gun and was turning it round on her.

She was sure there would be no hesitation from him.

She was on her feet and hurtling to the cliff edge when he opened fire. A bullet caught her in the ankle. Then another in her side. As she leaped over the edge, a third bullet sunk into her shoulder.

She plummeted into the darkness below.

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