The Contract by JM Gulvin

JM Gulvin

About the book:

In New Orleans, Texas Ranger John Q is out of his jurisdiction, and possibly out of his depth. It seems everyone in Louisiana wants to send him home, and every time he asks questions there’s trouble: from the pharmacist to the detective running scared to the pimp who turned to him as a last resort. Before John Q knows it, he looks the only link between a series of murders.

So who could be trying to set him up, and why, and who can he turn to in a city where Southern tradition and family ties rule?

Infused with the rhythms of its iconic setting, The Contract is a thriller to keep even the most seasoned crime readers gripped and guessing all the way to its endgame.

Buy the book:

The Contract by JM Gulvin

My Thoughts:

Having read and loved JM Gulvin’s first book, The Long Count (review HERE), I was eagerly awaiting the next John Q installment and I was delighted to have my wish granted on Netgalley for The Contract.

The Contract is a slow burning thriller set against the heady backdrop of New Orleans with plenty of shady characters thrown in for good measure. John Q is sent to investigate some goings-on in the wake of a shooting in Texas. In New Orleans though, he is out of his jurisdiction and acting alone.

What follows is a tense story packed with plenty of action and mystery. While I enjoyed The Contract, it didn’t match the pace of The Long Count in terms of the way the plot developed. I did enjoy the new mix of characters in this one though, and there were a couple of old favourites in there too.

The Contract is steeped in 1960’s American history, and I enjoyed the references the author put in there as they were a nice addition to the storyline. With John Q being framed for crimes he didn’t commit, it becomes a race against time to clear his name. It took me a while to settle into the book, but once I did I enjoyed puzzling it out alongside John Q.

If you like Deep South thrillers, with a great main character, then The Contract should definitely go on your list. Tense, rich in location and with a great mix of characters, I would recommend it!

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