~Blog Tour~ Water & Glass by Abi Curtis~ Ellen’s Review


About the book:

In the lower depths of a massive submarine, ship’s zoologist Nerissa Crane takes an ultrasound of a heavily pregnant Asian elephant. The elephant conceived off-ship but, it transpires, was forced on board – along with Nerissa and a hastily assembled collection of humans and animals – by an apocalyptic environmental disaster that has flooded the earth. Nerissa is calm and solitary in her work and in navigating the trauma of her husband’s presumed death in the floods; but when one of her animal charges escapes, she is reluctantly forced to enter the ship’s thrown-together communal world where she uncovers a shocking conspiracy that causes her to question who and what she is. Water & Glass is a thrilling dystopian tale about human nature – and the animal world – under great pressure and in enclosed spaces.

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Water & Glass by Abi Curtis

About the author:


Abi Curtis is Professor of Creative Writing at York St John University. She has won an Eric Gregory Award and Somerset Maugham Award for her poetry collections, The Glass Delusion (Salt, 2013) and Unexpected Weather (Salt, 2009). She has a PhD in Creative and Critical Writing and is inspired by art, psychology, science and the environment. She has written on such subjects as mushrooms in Freud, squid in literature, and the creative possibilities of pollination, and often collaborates with artists and musicians. Water & Glass, her first novel, is published by Cloud Lodge Books.

Ellen’s Review:

I really enjoyed this dystopian book where we join zoologist Nerissa on board the ark inspired Baleen; a submarine loaded with a collection of animals and humans destined to be a brand new start for all after an environmental apocalyptic disaster. It doesn’t take too much imagination to envisage this version of our possible future with the current issues we are facing in the world. It is no surprise that the author of Water & Glass is an award winning poet, her words are lyrical and poignant.

When one of Nerissa’s animal charges goes missing she is forced from her solitary life into the other decks of the vessel and discovers all is not as it seems aboard the Baleen and that not everything she and the other passengers have been told is true. The story is told from various POV’s, one of my favourites was Molloy; a wooly brown rat who is very tame and shows no fear of humans. All Molloy wants is food, warmth and partnership and isn’t that what we are all after!?

This is a book about human (and animal) nature; how far will we go to ensure our survival? I hope there will be more I the series as I really got involved in everybody’s stories!

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