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About the book:

When Ellie Fisher misses her train home one night, she has no idea that being in the right place at the wrong time will change her life forever.

That night she comes across Gareth, a young man about to take his own life, because as far as he’s concerned there is nothing left to live for. Putting her own life in danger Ellie convinces Gareth that there is always something left. Her own life is no bed of roses, she explains, but she always pushes on.

However, good deeds aren’t always repaid the way we want. Has Ellie unwittingly put her life in danger, or is the real danger a lot closer to home?

Out on December 28th and published by Macmillan, click HERE to order your copy!

About the author:

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Mandasue Heller was born in Cheshire and moved to Manchester in 1982. She spent ten years living in the notorious Hulme Crescents which have since become the background to her novels. Not only is she a talented writer, but she has also sung in cabaret and rock groups, seventies soul cover bands and blues jam bands. She still writes and records with her musician partner between books, and their music can be found in Amazon’s music store.
You can also connect with Mandasue on facebook and twitter

Ellen’s Review:

I was thrilled to be asked to review Save Me by Mandasue Heller having being introduced to her books earlier in the year with Run. Save Me is one of those books that I could not put down and I was drawn in from the first few paragraphs with the discovery of a body in an abandoned house. We are then introduced to the main player in the story Ellie Fisher as she saves a young man (Gareth) from throwing himself off a bridge into the path of a train.

This book was unusual in that I really didn’t like a lot of the characters, I mainly wanted to give them a really good shake or slap them around the chops! Ellie is married to the controlling Matt and is oblivious (brain washed) to his flaws and stuck in a dead end job. Her sister Holly is a little free with her affections to put it nicely and always putting Ellie down. Gareth appears to be Ellie’s knight in shining armour but as we know these guys sometimes end up being an asshole wrapped in tinfoil!

There was a lot of tension throughout the story and I kept waiting for Ellie to open her eyes and realise what was happening around her. Save Me is a story about obsessional love, lies and secrets – all of which build up to an explosive conclusion. I enjoyed this gritty thriller and would definitely recommend to fans of this genre and will be buying a copy for my mum who loves Mandasue!

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for my copy of this book.

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