Dream On by Erik Carter~ Ellen’s Review @EllenDevonport @ErikCarterBooks

Hi everyone,

Today is publication day for Erik Carter’s Dream On, and Ellen has a fab review for you all to check out! First though, the all-important bookish info!

About the book:

Dream on1.png

A brutal killer. A shocking theory. And a growing death count.

Special Agent Dale Conley is going out of his mind. He wants to catch this murderer so bad it hurts—because he’s never seen such gruesome crime scenes …

As a serial killer continues his vicious slayings, Dale scrambles to uncover the connection between the victims. Dale discovers that the deaths are related to a controversial theory, one so astonishing that it threatens to undermine the foundations of society. If Dale is going to stop the bloodshed, he’ll have to confront not only a ruthless enemy but also explosive ideas that could tear the world apart.

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About the author:


Erik Carter writes thrillers and mysteries. A trained public historian and design professional, his adventures have led him across America, where he has done everything from hosting a television show to shooting documentaries in the desert to teaching college. These experiences gave the background he needs for his greatest adventure—writing fiction.


Ellen’s Review:

I was thrilled to be asked to review the next book in the Dale Conley series as I had enjoyed Stone Groove earlier in the year. It was great to be back in Dale’s world of the Bureau of Esoteric Investigations (BEI), the part of the FBI reserved for the weird and wonderful. Dale is a cross between Indiana Jones and Fox Mulder; a pretty good mix if you ask me!

This thriller is based around a controversial religious theory – one which someone is desperate to keep under wraps and will go to any lengths to do so. The first two victims are well known atheists but as they die they quote the bible and one has a picture of Jesus in his wallet; this religious link to the crimes is why Dale Conley is involved.

Dale normally works with a liaison agent who then takes the credit for Dale’s work due to the secretive nature of the BEI but is paired this time with a civilian; forensic psychologist Gillian Spiro.

Now, Dale is a ladies man and well known for it which immediately puts Spiro on the back foot. She is a very prickly, defensive character and appears to be out to prove herself. I enjoyed the interaction between them both and it was interesting to see how Dale dealt with her obvious dislike of him.

Being a good Catholic girl I was absolutely fascinated by the actual theory in Dream On but there is far much more to this story than religion. Conspiracy theories, brain washing and government interference. A cracking thriller which I raced through and am once more left wanting more in this series!

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