Doorways by Robert Enright @REnright_Author


About the book:

When will you discover The Otherside?

There is more to the shadows than just darkness

The Otherside is located at the fringes of our world, hiding in plain sight and existing within our shadows. Shielded from humanity, the Otherside is watched over by the BTCO, a highly secret government agency, whose members all possess ‘The Knack’, a genetic anomaly that allows them to see this other world.

Franklyn ‘Bermuda’ Jones is the BTCO’s finest agent, the only human to have passed to the Otherside and returned. Gifted with the ability to physically interact with both worlds, Bermuda reluctantly stands between both worlds, pining for the life he had to leave behind and the daughter he can no longer see. Teamed with Argyle, an enigmatic Otherside warrior, Bermuda is assigned the case of a missing woman who has vanished under mysterious circumstances.

As Bermuda delves further into the disappearance, he uncovers a threat that could destroy the truce between two worlds…and finds himself in a race against time to safeguard humanity’s very existence.



About the author:


Robert Enright was born and raised in North London and resides in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. Working as a HR System Manager by day, he spends his evenings and weekends writing (or binge watching TV with his fiance).

In March 2015, Rob self-published ONE BY ONE on Amazon, a violent, revenge thriller which was critically acclaimed, breaking into the top 50 books on Amazon on release. One year later, One by One leapt up to #3 in Kindle Crime and back into the top 50 on Kindle.

Robert then signed with Urbane Publications and his second book DOORWAYS was released on the 13th October 2016. An Urban Fantasy Thriller, Doorways is the first Bermuda Jones Casefile, a series following the aforementioned agent as he struggles to govern the truce between our world and ‘The Otherside.’ Released to critical acclaim, Doorways has achieved consistently high rankings on both the Sci-Fi and Urban Fantasy charts.

In October 2017, ONE BY ONE was republished on Kindle and Paperback by Britain’s Next Best Seller.

In early 2018, DOORWAYS will be re-released as an ebook, paperback and audio book under Robert Enright’s management. The sequel, THE ABSENT MAN will also be released in early 2018. The third in the series, WORLDS APART, is set for a late 2018 launch. A prequel, titled BERMUDA, is in the works for a 2018 launch also.

For more information about Rob and his upcoming books, then feel free to check him out on social media:

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My thoughts:

I have (shamefully) had Doorways on my TBR for a while, so I was delighted when the author contacted me to review it as it meant I could bump it straight to the top of Mount St. TBR! And it is safe to say I was not disappointed!

Doorways is a bit of a genre mash-up. There are elements of the supernatural running alongside a good old crime thriller/ mystery element. Usually I am a bit skeptical with books like this, but after broadening my reading horizons in 2017, I was looking forward to getting stuck in.

Bermuda Jones works for the BTCO, an organisation that deals with the Otherside. The BTCO are supposed to watch over the Otherside, make sure that entities don’t cross over and generally keep the peace. But life is never that simple really, is it?

Called to investigate the disappearance of a missing woman, Bermuda and his partner Argyle quickly learn that someone or something has crossed over, and they begin a race against time as more people begin to disappear. Interestingly, Bermuda is the only one who has crossed to the Otherside, and returned. Because of this, he has extra abilities that mean he can interact with both worlds, but this could have devastating consequences in Doorways.

I really liked Bermuda as a character. He is wry and witty, but there is also a selflessness there underlying his decesions. He has a daughter that he can’t see for fear of putting her in danger, so he is very much isolated from his family for their protection. He is very much a flawed detective type, but it works well in Doorways. It gives the tortured hero a whole new spin, for reasons you’ll see when you read the book!

Argyle is another character that I really liked. He defected from the Otherside, and he seems to be having an internal conflict when he deals with his own kind. Moral dilemmas, if you will, even though he is far from mortal. Argyle is the perfect compliment to Bermuda, and they work really well together as a team.

Doorways was definitely a surprise for me. I don’t know what I was expecting when I picked it up, but once I started it I was hooked. I became invested in Bermuda and his investigation. I really liked the world-building too. The Otherside sounds like an abysmal and dangerous place, and the author has done a great job in creating a world that will make you shudder.

Highly recommended!


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