Thirteen (Eddie Flynn #4) by Steve Cavanagh


About the book:

‘To your knowledge, is there anything that would preclude you from serving on this jury?’

Murder wasn’t the hard part. It was just the start of the game.

Joshua Kane has been preparing for this moment his whole life. He’s done it before. But this is the big one.

This is the murder trial of the century. And Kane has killed to get the best seat in the house.

But there’s someone on his tail. Someone who suspects that the killer isn’t the man on trial.

Kane knows time is running out – he just needs to get to the conviction without being discovered.

Published by Orion, you can grab your copy by clicking the link below:

Thirteen: The serial killer isn’t on trial. He’s on the jury

About the author:

Steve Cavanagh was born and raised in Belfast and is a practicing lawyer and holds a certificate in Advanced Advocacy. He is married with two young children. The Defence was chosen as one of Amazon’s great debuts for 2015, as part of their Amazon Rising Stars programme. In 2015 Steve received the ACES award for Literature from the Northern Ireland Arts Council. The Defence was longlisted for the Crime Writer’s Association Ian Fleming Steel Dagger, and shortlisted for two Dead Good Readers Awards.

Steve writes fast-paced legal thrillers set in New York City featuring series character Eddie Flynn.

Steve also hosts the weekly Two Crime Writers and a Microphone podcast along with Luca Veste.
Find out more at or follow Steve on Twitter @SSCav

My thoughts:

There are a handful of authors whose books I will go out and buy without fail, and Steve Cavanagh is one such author. I hadn’t really read legal thrillers until I picked up The Defence a few years ago, and basically fell in love with Eddie Flynn as a character. I’ve been following him ever since, and I was beyond THRILLED to hear Thirteen was available yesterday. Needless to say, I hightailed it to my local bookshop to grab a copy. I started it yesterday morning, and I finished it last night. It was THAT good!

You may have seen the #thatbookthathook hashtag on twitter in the run up to publication, and it is pretty apt. That hook is unreal. I mean, a serial killer, ON THE JURY for god’s sake!!!!

In Thirteen, Eddie is called to help represent Bobby Solomon, a high-profile movie star who is up on a murder charge. His wife and head of Security were found dead in their NY brownstone, and it doesn’t look good for Bobby. Eddie is hoping that this case can give him the stability he so craves to save his marriage, which is hanging by a thread following events in previous books (Go and read them to find out what I mean!). But life is never easy for Eddie Flynn, and things soon take a dark turn.

Maaaaaaaaaaaan, can Steve Cavanagh write. Every damn time I thought I had twigged something, he smashed my theory by throwing in something else. Pretty sure I could have had whiplash with the amount of times I had to go back and re-read a line or a paragraph to see what nugget I missed. That is what I love about his writing style. Aside from the fact that it is oh so clever, Steve has the ability to grab the reader by the liathróidi (it’s an Irish word, google it!) with the shocks he delivers. Thirteen is a prime example of that!

Thirteen has an excellent cast of characters. From Eddie, to Art Pryor (lawyer and showman extraordinaire), to Judge Harry Ford (YAY) and Harper, an investigator that Eddie uses! Now, I know I said I love Eddie Flynn, and I do, but I think Joshua Kane may have stolen my black heart just a bit. Yes, he’s pure dodge, but my god is he a wily character. I don’t want to say too much, I don’t, but he is one of the most clever guys I’ve read in terms of an antagonist. Jeeeeeez, I really want to go into details here, but I know I can’t!!!! Aaaaaaaaargh!!!!!

I feel like I need to read Thirteen again because I read it so fast. I just had to see it through. And it was so worth waiting for. I probably say this with every one of these (LOL), but Thirteen is the best Eddie Flynn book so far. THE BEST! It is so damned clever, it has got real heart at its core, and more action than any blockbuster movie. These books are so cinematic, they would be amazing on the big screen. Thirteen, especially.

So yeah, safe to say I absolutely loved this one. LOVED IT!!!!

Ingenious plot, superb characters and a killer hook, Thirteen will take you on a wild ride, so buckle up…






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I don’t always match my tattoos to books, but this one was too easy… 🙂



3 thoughts on “Thirteen (Eddie Flynn #4) by Steve Cavanagh

    1. I think you can read it as a stand-alone, it doesn’t have any spoilers from the previous books from what I remember. It’s really just a banging legal thriller so definitely worth buying 😊

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