Blood Mist by Mark Roberts


About the book:

Every night a family dies… Every day she tries to save them…

While a blizzard rages through the streets of Liverpool, a family are slaughtered in their beds. Their mutilated bodies are dragged onto the landing to form a strange pattern. None of the neighbours hears a sound.

DCI Eve Clay is at a loss. Who would risk capture to arrange their victims so precisely? Somewhere in her mind, a long-buried memory flickers. But this is no time for hunches. She must find the killers before they strike again.

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My thoughts:

I have had Blood Mist on my Kindle for TWO YEARS!!!! So when I was choosing some books for my January TBR, it made sense to add this one to the list and I’m really glad I did because this book was another brilliant read for me.

In Blood Mist, we meet DCI Eve Clay as she is tasked with investigating the brutal murder of a family in their home. The bodies are then positioned in a strange pattern, with marks on the walls as well. Add to this the fact that nobody heard a thing, and there’s no evidence leads, so Clay needs to solve this one before the killers strike again.

Blood Mist is actually quite creepy to be honest. It made me uneasy more than once for various reasons, but you’ll have to read the book to find out why because I’m not telling! Sufficed to say there’s a lot going on under the surface with this one!

DCI Clay is a great character. She has her own issues from the past, and these are brought up again in the course of the investigation. I really liked her tenacity, and she’s a very empathetic character. Nobody wants to see a slain family, but she goes above and beyond in her quest to find out what happened.

Blood Mist went in a direction that I wasn’t expecting at all, and I liked that because it sets it apart from the usual tropes. I was gripped from beginning to end, and I will most definitely be reading the next 3 books in the series ASAP.

Highly recommended!

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