Blog Tour~The Absent Man by Robert Enright

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Today I’m delighted to take part in the blog tour for The Absent Man by Robert Enright, and I get to share my review with you all! First though, here is all you need to know about Rob and The Absent Man!

About the author:


Robert Enright was born and raised in North London and resides in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. Working as a HR System Manager by day, he spends his evenings and weekends writing (or binge watching TV with his fiance).

In March 2015, Rob self-published ONE BY ONE on Amazon, a violent, revenge thriller which was critically acclaimed, breaking into the top 50 books on Amazon on release. One year later, One by One leapt up to #3 in Kindle Crime and back into the top 50 on Kindle.

Robert then signed with Urbane Publications and his second book DOORWAYS was released on the 13th October 2016. An Urban Fantasy Thriller, Doorways is the first Bermuda Jones Casefile, a series following the aforementioned agent as he struggles to govern the truce between our world and ‘The Otherside.’ Released to critical acclaim, Doorways has achieved consistently high rankings on both the Sci-Fi and Urban Fantasy charts.

In October 2017, ONE BY ONE was republished on Kindle and Paperback by Britain’s Next Best Seller.

In early 2018, DOORWAYS was re-released as an e-book, paperback and audio book under Robert Enright’s management. The sequel, THE ABSENT MAN is released in March 2018. The third in the series, WORLDS APART, is set for a late 2018 launch. A prequel, titled BERMUDA, is in the works for a 2018 launch also.

For more information about Rob and his upcoming books, then feel free to check him out on social media:

About the book:

The Absent Man.jpg

Something is killing… A woman is found dead in her flat on a freezing night in Glasgow, her heart ripped from her chest. With no signs of a weapon or forced entry. Hours later, her heart is delivered to the Necropolis on the outskirts of town. Six months after stopping the terrifying Barnaby atop Big Ben, Bermuda finds himself on the hunt for a killer in a city he doesn’t know with a police force that doesn’t want him. With no links between the victims and the death toll rising, Bermuda has to face a sceptical detective, a seemingly distracted Argyle and an unknown horror that stalks from the shadows. All in the name of answering one question… Who is The Absent Man?

Out now, you can order your copy by clicking the link below:

The Absent Man: Volume 2 (The Bermuda Jones Case Files) by Robert Enright

My thoughts:

I really enjoyed Doorways, so when the author asked if I would like to read the follow-up, I jumped at the chance and I am so glad I did. If I am completely honest, The Absent Man is even better than Doorways! Urban fantasy is not a genre I would have picked myself, but Robert Enright writes it so well that this series has definitely got a fan for life in me now!

We’re back with Bermuda and Argyle in this one as they investigate a series of murders in which the victim’s hearts are ripped from their chest. It can only be the work of an Other, so the BTCO has called in its expert to find the monster responsible for killing these innocent people.

The Absent Man is such a great read. We get a glimpse into both Bermuda and Argyle’s past again, and it certainly answers some questions I had left over from Doorways. I also found this book to be a bit more emotional given the personal nature of what happens to the characters, and the reasoning behind it.

While it is brutal in parts, there is a tenderness in the narrative, evident in the friendship between Bermuda and Argyle. These two are definitely one of my favourite literary double acts at the moment.

Gripping, action-packed and a bit more introspective, The Absent Man is a brilliant read!

Highly recommended!

Catch up the tour:

blog tour The Absent Man.jpg

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