Blog Tour: When The Waters Recede by Graham Smith Ellen’s Review

Hi all,

Today is Ellen’s stop on the blog tour for When The Waters Recede by Graham Smith and I’ll be sharing her review with you all!

About the author:


Graham Smith is a time served joiner who has built bridges, houses, dug drains and slated roofs to make ends meet. Since Christmas 2000, he has been manager of a busy hotel and wedding venue near Gretna Green, Scotland.

He is an internationally best-selling Kindle author and has four books featuring DI Harry Evans and the Cumbrian Major Crimes Team, and two novels, featuring Utah doorman, Jake Boulder.

2018 will be a busy year for Graham as he has the third Jake Boulder being published and a Harry Evans novel and novella.

An avid fan of crime fiction since being given one of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books at the age of eight, he has also been a regular reviewer and interviewer for the well-respected website since 2009

Graham is the founder of Crime and Publishment, a weekend of crime-writing classes which includes the chance for attendees to pitch their novels to agents and publishers. Since the first weekend in 2013, eight attendees have gone on to sign publishing contracts.


About the book:

Graham Smith.jpg

When a car is pulled from raging floodwaters with a dead man in the front and the decapitated body of an evil woman in the boot, Cumbria’s Major Crimes Team are handed the investigation. The woman is soon recognised, but the man cannot be identified and this leads the team and their former leader, Harry Evans, into areas none of them want to visit. Before they know it, they’re dealing with protection scams and looking for answers to questions they didn’t know needed to be asked.

When The Waters Recede by Graham Smith

Ellen’s Review:

I’ll kick this review off by saying that in my opinion this is the best DI Harry Evans Major Crimes Team book yet!! An absolute crime lovers delight from beginning to end. I have read all the full length stories and novellas in this series but this blows the others out of the (flood)water.

The book opens with a car being pulled from raging flood waters; in the driver’s seat is a dead man and in the boot the decapitated body of a woman and the Major Crimes Team are handed the investigation. The woman is soon recognised as a local ne’er-do-well, but the man cannot be identified and this leads the team and their former leader, Harry Evans, into the dark underworld of the Cumbrian crime scene. They soon end up investigating protection scams which in turn lead them into things they never expected.

I love the way that we have got to know the Major Crimes Team as the books and novellas have progressed. Each seems to reveal a little bit more about each member of the team and this time it was Lauren’s time to shine. Now, I reckon she’s a total love/hate character. You’re either gonna love the way she uses her feminine wiles to gain the information she requires or she’ll rub you up the wrong way and you’ll want to poke her eyes out. In When the Waters Recede we are presented with a troubled and changed Lauren. Gone is the confident, cocksure woman she was and her vulnerable side is exposed; I couldn’t help but feel for her. Luckily Harry has got her back as always.

Harry Evans is the loveable rogue that you can’t help but admire. Yes, he doesn’t always do things by the book but he gets the job done. There is still a power struggle between himself and his replacement DI Campbell. Harry really struggles to relinquish his control at times but just about manages to toe the line he needs to keep the fragile peace of their arrangement. It was interesting to see a possible love interest on the horizon and I would love for Harry to finally have some closure on the tragic loss of his wife and baby. Saying this, I have come to expect the unexpected with Graham Smith’s books though so won’t be holding my breath!

A fantastic addition to the series and no spoilers, but….I cannot WAIT for the next!! #TeamEvans

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