Rapid Fire Book Tag

Hi everyone,

I haven’t done one of these posts in the longest time, and I want to find ways to keep my blog busy so I’ll be doing a few different bits and pieces in the coming weeks!

The original Rapid Fire Book Tag was posted by Girl Reading (watch here) a couple of years ago on You Tube, but I’m definitely not a vlogger so you’ll just have to read on for my answers 🙂




E-book or physical book?

I want to say physical book, but honestly, ebook is just so much easier to read. I can lie down and not have to worry about holding it up, and if I happen to fall asleep I won’t lose my page as the kindle will shut itself off after a little while.

Paperback or hardback?

To look at, I would definitely choose hardback. They are just so pretty. But for ease of use, and size, paperback actually wins this one.

Online or in-store shopping?

I love going in to a bookshop, so this one is kind of a no-brainer. I like to see the covers, and I really enjoy looking at shelves packed full of books. The kindle store just doesn’t have the same appeal as a bricks and mortar store.

Trilogies or series?

While I was still hooked on crime/thriller books, I would have easily said series. For the likes of Lee Child, Jonathan Kellerman et al. BUT, since I have taken time away from them, I will definitely say trilogies. I have been reading a lot of YA, and trilogies are rife in the genre. A lot less commitment is required of a trilogy, plus you have a finite number of books, unlike series, which can keep going for years.

Heroes or villains?

Villains. Without a doubt. And there are so many great ones out there.

A book you want everyone to read?

Reading is so subjective, so I can’t pick one book and say you should read it. It depends on the person and what they like to read. I’ll always suggest reading Harry Potter though!

Recommend an underrated book:

Gosh, this one is a hard question. I was looking at my shelves and I couldn’t actually pick a book, because underrated to me could be widely known and loved somewhere else. I wouldn’t call Into The Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes underrated, but its a book I would always recommend.

The last book you finished?

Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. I spotted the movie on tv last week, so I rooted out my copy of the book as a nice light-hearted read.

Weirdest thing you used as a bookmark?

I don’t use weird stuff as bookmarks. I’m firmly of the belief that bookmarks were invented for a reason. I collect them, so I always have bookmarks around.

Used books, yes or no?

YES! Why not? New books are obviously lovely too, but its not always feasible to spend money on them. I am a huge fan of second hand books. I actually have a full Works of Shakespeare book from 1928, and I love it. Used books are always a good choice. I ended up with a first edition of a Harlan Coben book, without realising it, that I bought used for €2!

Top three favourite genres?

YA, fantasy and crime/thriller, in that order now too!

Borrow or buy?

Borrow when possible. I love libraries, so I will always check there first for books before I even think about buying them. I don’t borrow books off friends/family though. Because  have so many myself, but I will let them borrow from me if they see anything they want to read. Except my signed first editions! NOBODY touches those 🙂

Characters or plot?

Initially I would have said plot, but now I think characters. If you don’t engage with a character, you don’t really care whats happening in the plot, so in that sense I’ll have to go with characters.

Short or long book?

Short books. I find long books to be a little daunting while I’m reading. And then I get fixated on how long I have left, so it becomes almost a time management exercise instead, which is no fun!

Long or short chapters?

Short. I love short chapters!

Name the first three books you think of:

Snowblind by Ragnar Jónasson, Six Stories by Matt Wesolowski, Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. If you haven’t heard of them/read them, look them up. They are all fantastic!

Books that make you laugh or cry?

Cry. Which is odd, because I’m not actually a crier. But I would prefer to cry than laugh with a book. Weird, I know.

Our world or fictional worlds?

Fictional worlds. Without a doubt. I could happily live in Flourish and Blotts forever.

Do you ever judge a book by its cover?

ALL THE TIME. I am like a magpie for book covers. I love them. I’ve bought books purely for the cover more times than I care to admit!

Book to movie or book to tv adaptation?

I think I would pick book to movie, only because you can play around with it a bit more. I sound like a broken record, but the Harry Potter movie adaptations are among my most favourite movies. I know they miss out on some things, but I think it was brought to screen really well.

Series or standalone?

Series. I think. Standalones are great, but sometimes I’m left wanting more, and that’s why series are good. The character development and plots can carry on through the books, and the reader becomes more invested with each new book in a series.



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