My bookshelves: A little tour…

Hi guys,

So I have something a little different on here today. In my quest for changing up my content a little, I’ve been trying to find different types of posts to do. A tour of my bookshelves sounded like a fun way to go!

My shelves have changed DRASTICALLY since I started blogging. Not least because of the sheer volume of books I have acquired/bought in a few short years. Initially, I was only using the built-in shelves that were in the house when we first bought it, but then the overflow began. Here’s a quick idea of what they were like before…


Image may contain: people sitting and indoor

Around this time, I managed to get my old bookshelves from home, so of course, I had to rearrange ALL of my books for them to fit better. I’m pretty sure it took me an entire day to get everything swapped around but I got there in the end!








But then the books started multiplying. Almost overnight I found myself wishing I had more space, but no matter where I looked, every space was taken up by books and I couldn’t squeeze any more in. But try telling that to a bookworm. In the words of Barney Stinson


And now, my bookshelves are quite possibly my most treasured things in our house. We recently put them into the right genres and alphabetised them too, so its even more organised than it was before! 🙂

Image may contain: people sitting and indoor


Image may contain: people sitting and indoor

In doing the shelves this way, I’ve lost my “dedicated shelves” though. Before, any first editions were up high, signed books were kept together, and books I’m quoted on/in were also kept together, but alas, not any more! Small price to pay when it looks like this. Still not quite up there with the gorge fairy-lit, Funko-filled beauties you see on #bookstagram, but I still love them!

I, of course, have some favourites among my shelves. And now that they’re grouped by author, its so much easier to find them. So here’s just a taster of the books that I love…

IMG_E0936 I am a huge Lee Child fan, but because I’m playing catch up with the series, these two are the ones I have to read next. AND, all bar The Midnight Line are signed by the man himself.

IMG_E0925 Another book I was OBSESSED with is Nevernight. It blew me away when I read it, and I now have multiple copies (ebooks and signed included) of both NN and its follow-up, Godsgrave. My husband has even red these, and they are now his benchmark whenever he picks up a fantasy novel. Waiting impatiently for Darkdawn to be released 🙂


I don’t think either of the above two shelves need an introduction. Harry Potter is one of my all time faves, so it goes without saying that I would have multiples of the books (including US first editions), and whatever other HP books I can get my hands on. I’ve actually started the first book again, my first time ever re-reading a book, and it is a joy!

IMG_E0930 Another obsession for me. The Grishaverse. If you’ve not read these books, I would definitely recommend picking them up. I devoured them, and would happily read them over and over again as they are pure escapism and super fun reads!

IMG_E0931 I loved ACOTAR when I read it, so needless to say I promptly read them all one after another. Oddly enough though,  I still haven’t read ACOFAS. But I may re-read the first three again before I do, if I ever get time!

IMG_E0932 Anyone who reads my blog will know who this is! Ragnar Jónasson is a supremely talented Icelandic author, and I adore his writing. Clearly, because I have all his Dark Iceland books, including signed first editions! And I’m buying up the American editions as well, and I may have to buy the Japanese one because you get Ari Thor on the front cover!!!!

IMG_E0934 Another amazing series here. The DCI Ryan books by LJ Ross have been consistently brilliant, and I’m lucky enough to have them all signed by Louise herself.

IMG_E0935 Last, but by no means least, is Adam Hamdy’s Pendulum series. These are terrifyingly brilliant thrillers, and I have loved reading them. If you’ve not heard of them, I would definitely recommend picking them up if you can!


There you have it. A small tour of my bookshelves with a shout out to some faves! I’m off to buy some fairy lights and a ton of candles and Funko figures, haha! 😉

I hope you enjoyed this little departure from reviews! I’ll be back tomorrow with some more Recent Reads Rapid Reviews, so do come back and check those out!

Until next time, happy reading! 🙂

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