Blog Tour~ The Cold Years by Joel Hames Ellen’s Review

Hey guys, 

Today, Ellen is taking part in the blog tour for The Cold Years by Joel Hames and I’ll be sharing her review with you all!

About the author:

Joel Hames lives in rural Lancashire with his wife and two daughters, where he works hard at looking serious and pretending to be a proper novelist. Joel writes what he wants, when he wants to (which by coincidence is when the rest of the family choose to let him). His first novel, Bankers Town, was published in 2014, and The Art of Staying Dead followed in 2015.

If you want to know what Joel has planned for the future, what he thinks right now, or just stalk him a little, you can find him on Facebook at or Twitter at @joel_hames

About the book:

When so many haven’t survived, just being alive can feel like a crime

Everyone needs to be heard: if there’s one thing Sam Williams has learned it’s that. Which is why he finds himself defending Richard Fothergill against accusations that date back decades.

But Sam’s real problems are closer to home.His nemesis, Trawden, is finally dead, but so are those he once called friends.The people he used to count on, the ones who aren’t in the ground, aren’t whatthey once were, either. DI Martins is on his back again, and she’s got company.And Sam’s girlfriend Claire might be recovering from her breakdown, but she’snot telling him everything.

Life would be so much easier if Sam knewthe answers. Instead, all he’s got are questions.

Who is following him, and what do they want?

What did Fothergill really do to the children he taught?

And where was Claire the day Edward Trawden was killed?

Everyonehas a secret to hide, but some secrets are too close to home.

Ellen’s Review:

Sam Williams is back! In this third instalment he is still dealing with the repercussions of the previous book (No One Will Hear) and under suspicion of murder. Of course Sam isn’t going to let a little thing like this get him down, he is soon agreeing to take on the case of Mr Fothergill, a teacher who is being accused of abuse by a former pupil. On top of this he is trying to help his girlfriend Claire recover from her recent breakdown. She is really having a tough time of things in The Cold Years and appears so fragile but Sam has his suspicions that she is not as devastated as she is making out and has evidence she is sneaking out of the house when he is not in. This puts him in a very difficult position as he enlists a shady colleague to keep tabs on her comings and goings but will he like what he discovers?


I love the fact that reading Joel’s books is like seeing a huge jigsaw come together, all those little parts you have that won’t fit however hard you try and shove them in somehow magically take shape to create the perfect picture. The slow drip feed of information was fantastic and the  denouement when the final act plays out is perfection.


I really hope that this isn’t the last we see of Sam Williams (and Claire). More please Mr Hames!


Check out the tour:

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