Blog Tour~She Lies In Wait by Gytha Lodge ~Ellen’s Review

Six friends. One killer. Who do you trust?

Seven friends went down to the woods, but one of them never came home.

30 years later, a body is discovered. DCI Sheens already knows what’s waiting for him – Aurora Jackson, found at last.

They all claim to be innocent, but one of them must be lying.

Because she was found somewhere only they knew about.

Now everyone’s a suspect.

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She Lies In Wait by Gytha Lodge

Ellen’s Review:

If you’re looking for the perfect police procedural novel then stop right there and go grab a copy of She Lies in Wait by Gytha Lodge.

The story is told over two timelines; in the present with the discovery of Aurora Jackson’s body in the woods and thirty years earlier where Aurora, her sister and their friends are partying in the same location. Six teenagers entered the woods and only five left alive the following morning. DCI Jonah Sheen is in charge of the investigation but is holding back information of his own. As a fresh faced copper he was involved in the original investigation and he appears to know more about the group of friends than he is letting on.
This is a book where I was suspicious of everyone as they all had secrets to hide. Drugs, alcohol, sex – the six teenagers entered the woods on the promise of having a good time so what could possibly go wrong?

In the present they have just as much to lose. Having closed ranks to everyone after Aurora went missing, the group are extremely tight knit and adamant that it wasn’t one of their own that had carried out the terrible attack and murder of 14 year old Aurora. Having two teenage daughters of my own (and having attended my own parties in the woods as a teen!) this book really got under my skin. The group of friends aren’t particularly likeable and I really felt sorry for Aurora as more is revealed throughout.

I really enjoyed She Lies in Wait and look forward to reading more in the DCI Jonah Sheen series.

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