Blog Tour~ Black Wood by Derek Flynn

Hi everyone,

Today, I’m delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for Black Wood by Irish author, Derek Flynn. I’ll be sharing my review with you guys a ittle further down!

About the author:

Derek Flynn is an Irish writer and musician with a Masters in Creative Writing from Trinity College, Dublin. BLACK WOOD is his third novel. His previous books BROKEN FALLS and THE DEAD GIRLS have been a big hit with readers – THE DEAD GIRLS featured on a number of book blogger’s “Best of 2018” lists and came in at number 11 in the Rick O’ Shea
Book Club poll of the “Best Irish Books of 2018”.
He is also a regular contributor to, where he writes his “Songbook” column.
Like most writers, he is fuelled solely by caffeine and self-doubt.

About the book:

“How far would you go to get out?”This is the question three unlikely friends living in a dead-end town in America ask each other. The answer would come to haunt them.The narrator is a writer in his late 30s, eking out a living as a college lecturer. Samantha Pierce, a woman he hasn’t seen in twenty years, re-enters his life and tells him that she is being blackmailed – because of something they did twenty years before in the Black Wood. A cat and mouse game ensues as they try to find out the identity of their blackmailer, while the narrator recalls the events of the summer they graduated High School – the summer that led to the fateful night in the Black Wood when their question was answered, and they did something that would change their lives forever.

The Black Wood – the deeper you go, the darker your intent.

Click the link below to order your copy:

Black Wood by Derek Flynn

My thoughts:

Black Wood is an American crime thriller by Irish author Derek Flynn. We are introduced to the narrator, but not by name, as they tell the story of the Black Wood through vignettes into the past.

The narrator is contacted by an old school friend that he hasn’t seen in years, Samantha, who goes on to tell him that she’s being blackmailed by someone who says they know what they did twenty years ago.

What follows is a dark and suspenseful narrative, interwoven with the characters stories both past and present. The Black Wood sounds like a den of iniquity for teens, with anything and everything taking place there. The further in you went, the stronger your intent to be hidden in whatever you were doing. At times, it feels like the Black Wood is a character itself.

Black Wood is a story about small towns and the secrets they can keep. A cautionary tale. It is unreliable, mysterious and definitely an intriguing read.

Recommended for sure!

Check out the tour:

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