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Hey everyone,

I had great plans for getting in some blogging time recently, but as I’ve learned, it doesn’t always work out the way you planned it. I have a MASSIVE backlog of reviews to catch up on. At last count, it was 51… Yes, FIFTY ONE. Some of these are my own books, and of course, there are ARC reviews in here too. SO re-instating the RR posts is definitely necessary to get through them all.

I’ve just checked when I read these four books, and I am ashamed to say these are languishing in my drafts since January. That is 6 whole months ago. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!

The Cow Book by John Connell

The Cow Book: A Story of Life on a Family Farm

I would never have seen this were it not for the Rick O’Shea Book Club on Facebook! I don’t tend to read books set in Ireland, but I liked the idea of this one. It’s the story of John’s life as he returns home to take care of his family farm. It details the usual daily grind, but John also discusses his mental health and I found that to be the most poignant take away from The Cow Book. It is a quiet exploration of his life, but it speaks volumes. Recommended for sure.

55 by James Delargy


I read the premise for 55 and thought it sounded like it would be a really great crime story. It follows the events after a man presents himself to a police station saying he’s escaped from a serial killer. A killer who has apparently had 54 victims prior to him. When another man appears and says the exact same thing, but that the first man is the killer, it becomes a game of cat and mouse to find the truth. 55 has a clever plot, and if you like twisty crime thrillers, the this is definitely one to add to your list!

One In A Million by Lindsey Kelk

One in a Million: The No.1 bestseller and the perfect romance for spring 2019

One in a Million is definitely a book geared towards current social media trends. It’s basically about making a complete unknown become Insta-famous in thirty days. I really enjoyed this one. It’s funny, romantic and very relevant.

The Invitation by Keris Stainton

The Invitation: The perfect laugh out loud romantic comedy

I was muchly in need of some light-hearted and fun reads earlier this year, and it’s safe to say Keris Stainton’s books where exactly what I needed. The characters in this book are great, relatable, warm, funny. It was a really easy story to read and connect with, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It Had To Be You by Keris Stainton

It Had To Be You: An absolutely laugh out loud romance novel

This one is more quirky than The Invitation. The main character, Bea, has a recurring dream about (literally) the man of her dreams. When she ends up meeting him in real life, they end up dating. Things don’t always go the way we planned though, and It Had To Be You shows how different things can be. I didn’t love this one as much as her others, but it was a good read!

That’s it for this group of reviews! But rest assured, seeing as how I have 50+ reviews to do, there will be more coming!

Until next time 🙂

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