Recent Reads Rapid Reviews

Hi everyone,

I’m back with some more reviews today, and I’ve actually almost caught up, can you believe it?!

The Devouring Gray

The Devouring Gray

I really liked the sound of TDG and was looking forward to getting stuck into this one. It’s got witches and magic, a fairly prevalent theme in books this year as I’ve read a few witchy-type books in recent months. I enjoyed The Devouring Gray, it was a fairly quick read too. Recommended if you like YA-ish witchy kinda books!

Throne of Glass

Throne of Glass: 1

Throne of Glass had been on my kindle for months, if not years, and I was in dire need of some sort of fantasy book that would grab my attention. ToG definitely managed to do the job. I really like the characters, and it’s a decent start to a series for sure. Calaena Sardothien vies to become the King’s Champion while there are darker forces working against her in this one. I really enjoyed this book. It’s got just enough to keep you reading, while dropping enough hints so that you have to continue on with the series. I’m moving onto book four now, and my husband is on book six! Definitely recommended!

Dark Shores

Dark Shores

I’m a sucker for all things nautical, so when you add in fantasy I can’t really say no. Dark Shores had so much promise for me, and while it’s good, I didn’t love it like I had hoped I would when I started reading it. Interesting premise, good characters, but there wasn’t enough to hold my interest completely. That being said, I would still recommend it, because there are elements there that definitely work.

Extinction Trials: Rebel

The Extinction Trials: Rebel

I really liked this series of books. To be fair, I was gutted knowing that this was going to be the last one I would read. It really is a cross between The Hunger Games and Jurassic Park, just a really fun read. It’s bittersweet reading Rebel, but I absolutely loved the world building for this series. The characters are fantastic, and the premise is such a unique one that makes it really hard to tear yourself away. I’d definitely recommend this book, this whole series actually!

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