Blog Tour: The Undoing of Arlo Knott by Heather Child

Hey everyone,

Today, I’m taking part in the blog tour for The Undoing of Arlo Knott by Heather Child, and I’ll be sharing my review with you all a little further down.

About the author:

Heather Child

Heather Child’s experience in digital marketing has brought her into close contact with the automation and personalisation technologies that herald the ‘big data’ age. She lives in Bristol and Everything About You is her debut novel. Find her on twitter at @Heatherika1

About the book:

What if your life had an ‘undo’ button?

Arlo Knott discovers he can rewind time – just by a minute or two – enough to undo any mistake, say the right thing or impress his friends with his uncanny predictions…

But second chances aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. As wonderful as his new life is, a mistake in Arlo’s traumatic childhood still haunts him and the temptation to undo, undo and keep undoing is too much to resist.

The Undoing of Arlo Knott by Heather Child

My thoughts:

The Undoing of Arlo Knott is a really unique read, I guess it’s speculative fiction if you had to try and definite it? Whatever it falls into, it’s definitely a different and clever read.

Arlo Knott discovers he has the ability to rewind and redo moments in his life. He can retain certain information, but not the likes of lottery numbers, that can bring him back to specific moments. These are usually recent, but he does try to go back further for various reasons.

It will make you question whether if you had the same ability, would you treat it the same way? Or would you keep going the way you’re going, mistakes and all? I liked the way the story was written, and I found myself really feeling for Arlo Knott at times.

This is a really hard one to review without saying too much. I really enjoyed The Undoing of Arlo Knott. It is unique, a little melancholy at times, but it’s got real heart. It’s almost like a cautionary tale on how to treat your mortality, but with more than life lessons to be learnt. A real gem of a book.

Check out the tour:

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