Recent Reads Rapid Reviews

My Lovely Wife

There was so much hype for this one during 2019 so of course I had to get a copy to see if the build up was worth it. While it was an interesting premise, and written well, I just didn’t get on with it. But I had a run of bad luck with reading over the last year, so its very much a case of “its me, not the book”. I’ve seen loads of people raving about it, so why not give it a go and see what you think!

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Crown of Midnight

As I write this, I only have two books left to read in this series. Tower of Dawn and Kindom of Ash. I’m actually really going to miss the characters when I’m done. Even my husband has finished this series before me. My excuse is I’m saving it for when I need the comfort of the familiar. I loved this book, to be fair I’m enjoying them all. I really like seeing Celaena’s journey, and I will be sad to be finished it. Recommended for sure!

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The Whisper Man

Another massively hyped book here, written under a pseudonym and marketed really well. The Whisper Man is a creepy, sinister thriller. And can I just mention how awesome that cover is, especially if you zoom on the details. I liked this one, got through it quick enough. Its an enjoyable book, and while I didn’t get creeped out, it still kept me reading.

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I had seen Ascension a few times on Twitter so picked it up thinking it would be the kind of book I’d enjoy. Set in space, its kind of like Blind Date in a way. It takes a while to get going, ad there are a lot of characters to follow as well. It was different, and interesting. Not the usual kind of space-themed story, so it stood out.

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