The Mist (Hidden Iceland #3) by Ragnar Jónasson

1987. An isolated farm house in the east of Iceland.

The snowstorm should have shut everybody out. But it didn’t.

The couple should never have let him in. But they did.

An unexpected guest, a liar, a killer. Not all will survive the night. And Detective Hulda will be haunted forever . . .

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The Mist (Hidden Iceland #3) by Ragnar Jónasson

Ragnar Jónasson was born in Reykjavík, Iceland, where he works as a writer and a lawyer and teaches copyright law at Reykjavík University. He has previously worked on radio and television, including as a TV news reporter for the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, and, from the age of seventeen, has translated fourteen of Agatha Christie’s novels. He is an international Number One bestseller.

Regular readers of my blog will know that I’ve been a fan of Ragnar Jónasson’s since he was first published in English way back in 2015. I’ve read and loved all of his books since, and I look forward to every new release. And The Mist was no different.

I really enjoyed The Mist. I think it is really clever how the books in this series are done in reverse chronological order, and with this being the last, it definitely answered some questions I had in relation to events in both The Darkness and The Island.

Ragnar Jónasson has a real talent for using the harsh and unforgiving landscape of Iceland as the perfect backdrop for his chilling novels. The claustrophobia sets in early, and the sense of isolation permeates the plot effortlessly. The reader almost feels the need for a warm drink and a blanket while he takes us on these dark narrative journeys.

I don’t want to go into the plot, not least because the effort the author has made with the way this series is written, I couldn’t do it justice trying to explain the subtle nuances he has intricately woven into each story.

What I will say, is that I have never read a series like this before. With The Mist, its final entry, I found it heartbreaking to reconcile the Hulda we first met in The Darkness, with the Hulda we leave behind in The Mist. Her journey through the years has not been easy, and its not difficult to see how it has affected her.

The Mist is a dark, deeply emotive novel. Revolving less around actual crimes but more the grief and psychological trauma surrounding them. Why we do what we do. What drives us.

Powerful, melancholic and gripping, The Mist is a book you wont want to miss.

Highly recommended.

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