Books-on-Tour: First Shot by John Ryder

Hey lovelies,

Today, Ellen is taking part in the blog tour for First Shot by John Ryder, and I’ll be sharing her review with you all just a little further down.

Author bio:

John Ryder is a former farmworker and joiner. He’s turned his hand to many skills to put food on the table and clothes on his back. A life-long bibliophile, he eventually summoned the courage to try writing himself, and his Grant Fletcher novels have drawn inspiration from authors such as Lee Child, Tom Cain, Zoe Sharp and Matt Hilton. When it comes to future novels, he says he has more ideas than time to write them.

When not writing, John enjoys spending time with his son, reading and socialising with friends. A fanatic supporter of his local football team, he can often be found shouting encouragement to men much younger and fitter than he is.

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When girls go missing here, no one says a word…

Twenty-four-year-old Lila has disappeared without trace. It’s the kind of case that ex-military loner Grant Fletcher would normally be happy to take on—he will always seek justice if someone has the money to pay him. But this one he’s doing for free. This one’s personal.

Because Fletcher owes his life to Lila’s father. And Fletcher knows that returning Lila safe and sound is the only thing that matters to his wheelchair-bound friend.

She last called her father from a small town in rural Georgia. Arriving there, Fletcher’s feet barely touch the ground before he finds trouble. He also discovers that his friend’s daughter wasn’t the first girl to go missing there. Not the first by far.

Then the last person to have seen Lila before she disappeared is murdered. As an outsider, Fletcher becomes the local deputy’s only suspect, leaving him no choice but to go on the run. Because Fletcher knows someone’s abducting girls in this town. And he also knows he’s the only person who can find them…

Fans of high-octane action and unforgettable heroes like Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne and David Baldacci’s Amos Decker will love First Shot.

Click the link below to order your copy:

First Shot by John Ryder

Ellen’s Review:

First Shot is the first in a new series by John Ryder (pseudonym for Graham Smith author of the Jake Boulder and Beth Young series) and introduces us to ex-military loner Grant Fletcher. This is very much an American action thriller with heavy emphasis on the action!

When 24 year old Lila goes missing from Daversville in rural Georgia, Grant Fletcher goes looking for her as a favour to an old friend from his time in Afghanistan. He soon discovers that Lila isn’t the first to disappear without trace from this small town and that the residents are keeping their mouths shut about what is happening to all these young women. It’s not long before Grant has made an impression (literally) on the locals that attempt to run him out of town and it’s clear that he will get no co-operation, not even from the local police. When a witness who had tried to warn about Lila being in danger is found murdered all suspicion swings Grant’s way and he has to go on the run.

Grant is not alone in his search, Special Agent Zoey Quadrado has been sent by the government to investigate the disappearances and they end up (somewhat reluctantly) working together. I really enjoyed their working relationship and look forward to how this might develop in future.

There is a lot of graphic violence in First Shot and also some sensitive scenes which may not be for the faint hearted but if you’re a fan of the Jack Reacher books you’ll be just fine

An intense start to a new series which shows a lot of promise.

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