Not with a bang, but with a whisper…

Morning lovelies,

It feels like ages since I’ve actually written anything on here. And I guess now is as good a time as any to pop back on here and say hello.

And goodbye.

I’ve decided that it is time to hang up my blogging hat. The site will still stay up, and maybe down the line I might come back to it, but for the forseeable future, Bibliophile Book Club is done.

I’m grateful for all the opportunities reviewing has given me. It has been a great few years. But I’m most grateful for the friendships I’ve made.

I can’t do this post without saying thanks to Ellen. She has been holding this blog together over the past while whether she knew it or not, and without her I would have been lost!

Thanks to all the authors, publishers, and everyone else who took a chance on me back when I started reviewing.

I’ll still be chatting books on Twitter and Instagram, so don’t be a stranger!

Lots of love,

Kate x

Any blog tours scheduled for the rest of 2021 will still go ahead as planned.

20 thoughts on “Not with a bang, but with a whisper…

  1. Sorry to read this Kate, but you must always come first. Glad you’ll still be around on Twitter to say hello to (I need your nail inspiration!). Take care, with all best wishes, Jill xxx

  2. Sorry to hear this, Kate. You’ll be hugely missed. Thanks a million for all the support. Hope to still see you at events in Dublin and Harrogate. We’ve got lots of drink spilling to do! X

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