All about Ellen

My name is Ellen and I’m a total bookworm! I have always loved reading and escaping into a story. I work full time in the NHS and am married with two daughters so I often seek refuge between the pages of a book.
I love most genres; crime, horror, YA, chick lit, psychological thrillers and contemporary fiction.
I’m honoured that Kate has chosen me to be a guest reviewer.*
*I didn’t tell Ellen to put that in! 😉
Here is the lovely Ellen:
A note from Kate-
I have known Ellen for a few years now. We bonded on Twitter over our love of books and I couldn’t have picked a better lady to come on board at Bibliophile HQ.
Passionate about books, an avid reader and all round lovely lady, Ellen is going to be a brilliant addition to the team.
I have always followed Ellen’s reviews, as well as her recommendations so I’m really excited to be able to have her as my guest reviewer. With such diverse genres, I’m sure there will be something for everyone!
Welcome to the Club Ellen xx