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A Thank You post… 

Hi everyone,


2015 has been a great year for me as I started blogging much more regularly. I had my daughter last December and thanks to her great sleep schedule, I’ve been given plenty of opportunities to read and review wonderful books and chat with great people through social media.

Firstly, I want to say a huge thanks to my #blogsquad besties! I couldn’t have done half of what I did without their support and encouragement and daily giffing sessions! 😉

Sarah Hardy @ Bytheletterbookreviews

Noelle Holten @ CrimeBookJunkie

Joseph Calleja @ Relax And Read Reviews

As well as Claire Knight who’s a super guest reviewer! And special mention goes to the lovely Lorraine @ The Book Review Cafe who is always ready with the RTs and mentions! 😊


You guys have been great, from reviews, to recommendations, to friendship. I’m so glad we have our squad! Even though we have yet to meet in person, it feels like talking to old friends when we start! 😂


I also want to thank all the authors (Michael Wood, Ragnar Jónasson, Matt Brolly, John Nicholl to name a few!) and publishers (Bookouture and Orenda are brilliant!) who took a chance on a book blogging newbie. I’ve been so lucky to have had the opportunities afforded to me this year.


I’ve hosted a blog tour for Patricia Cornwell, hosted a Q&A with Chris Carter, had my blog named in a book for taking a chance with Fahrenheit Press, not to mention a quote of mine making it into an actual book and have been able to read some great 2016 ARC’s. I’ve had lots of highlights this year! 😊


Book Blogging is a great pastime, and thankfully, us bloggers are a friendly bunch. Always ready with advice if needed, great book recommendations if they’re needed and an endless supply of posts for us to read!


My biggest thank you goes to YOU. All of you who have read my blog, shared a post, tweeted, commented, interacted in any way. If it wasn’t for you guys reading my blog, I wouldn’t have had such a wonderful year. I am so grateful to be able to share my book likes and occasional dislikes with you all.


I hope you all have a wonderfully Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.


Also, I hope Santa brings lots of books!!! 😉📖

Lots of love,

Kate xxx


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30 Day Challenge- Day 23

Best book you’ve read in the last 12 months…

This is a really hard post to write because I’ve read so many great books that I find it hard to narrow it down to just one!

Also, I’ll be doing my top ten books of the year next month and don’t want to spoil the surprise 😉

I’m going to pick three books, which may or may not make it to the final ten next month!

In no particular order,

I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh 


This book was bloody brilliant! The twist literally made my jaw drop! You can read my review here.


Evil Games by Angela Marsons



Evil Games has one of the most vile, despicable, emotionally cruel villains I have seen in a long time. This book is superb, absolutely the stand out in the DI Kim Stone series, my reviews of which you can read here. 😊


For Reasons Unknown by Michael Wood



Another stunning debut, Michael Wood’s book is fantastic! I’ve been recommending it to anyone who asks for great books to be read! I love it so much that the #Blogsquad pretty much made him do a blog tour for it! 😂 I’m kicking it off on December 1st! My review can be read here or you can wait until the blog tour as I get to post my review AND an excerpt.
So there you have it! A small selection of the best books I have read so far this year!


What’s the best book you have read this year?


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Reading Habits Tag

I love book blogger tags but I very rarely get a chance to participate in them! Not this time 🙂

Thanks to the lovely Hayley at Rathertoofondofbooks and the wonderful Lorraine at Thebookreviewcafe, I’m following suit with my reading habits so without further ado;

Bibliophile Book Club’s reading habits… 

Do you have a certain place at home for reading?
Theoretically, I don’t have one place I like to read. I read in bed every night, but if I’m reading downstairs in the evenings, or (rarely) during the day, I read in my chair. This chair was bought purely because it looks super comfy (it is!!!) and I love a good reading space.

Bookmark or random piece of paper?

I’d have to say both! I try to use a bookmark but sometimes they aren’t to hand so I’ll just use whatever I find until I can get my hands one one. If it’s a hardcover with a sleeve I’ll use the inner flap and tuck it into whatever page I’ve stopped on. I collect bookmarks though, so I try to use them! Here’s a small selection I found when I reorganised my bookshelves!

Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop at the end of a chapter/ a certain amount of pages?

Oh god, this is a tough one. During the day, if I had a chance to read I’d have to stop wherever I am because my daughter would rip the book out of my hands! She’s 11 months old and doesn’t understand ‘just one more chapter’… Yet!!! 😉 If I’m reading in bed, regardless,of tiredness, I will not stop reading until the end of a chapter. It’s easier to stop at a definitive point for me.

Do you eat or drink while reading?

I would usually have a coffee during the day if I’ve got a chance to read as I know it’ll stil be hot when I get to drink it! 🙂 I don’t eat or drink reading in bed, but if it’s after the kids go to bed then I like to have something to munch on.

Multitasking: music or to whilst reading?

I have no problem with having the tv on while I’m reading, it doesn’t interfere too much with my concentration. I love listening to music when I read, but this only happens if my husband is playing on his PS4 as he can listen out for the kids. 😉

One book at a time or several at once?

Up until this year, I was a one book at a timer! However, since I got busier with blogging I have been trying to read more than one at a time. The most I read at once is three, one on my kindle, one on iPad and a physical book. Because I read the same genre you’d think it would get confusing but I never get my stories mixed up thankfully. I’m going to have to multi-read again soon as my TBR is piling up for November!

Read at home or everywhere?

I’ll read anywhere if I have a book and the time! However, I usually have one or both of the children with me at all times so it doesn’t happen often.

Read aloud or silently in your head?

Silently! Always! The only time I read aloud is bedtime with my 6 year old!

Do you read ahead or even skip pages?

Ammmmm….no! I’m going to get there anyway so why spoil the surprise!

Breaking the spine of keeping it new?

The Kate of old would have said keeping it new, on a pedestal, far away from any children or anything that could ruin a book.

However… I love books that look read. You know the kind, well thumbed, worn, loved. So I’ve relaxed my book minding… to an extent!

My signed first editions live in their plastic sleeves, high up on my bookshelves to be admired and kept as they are! 🙂

Do you write in books?

The only thing I ever write is my name and the year! I’ve been doing that for as long as I can remember and years ago I left books into a second hand bookshop and a friend of mine sent me a message ages after saying he’d just bought a book and it had my name in it! I loved that! 🙂
Well, there you have it. My reading habits. I think I’ll tag some fellow #blogsquad members to do this!

Sarah Hardy
Noelle Holten
Joseph Calleja